Here is what you get from my blog post:

  1. Work with the client content brief
  2. 1000+ words blog post
  3. Include images and screenshots to explain concepts and real-life examples
  4. Add expert quotes from authority leaders in the industry to build trust
  5. Optimize the content for the given keywords
  6. Up to 2 revisions for the draft ( one structural edit and one line edit) PLease
    involve all the other stakeholders and let them have their say before you send
    through the edits.

Want to get great results like these for your brand?
Here is my mix of different ways I research for each blog post I write

  • Client-specific content (e.g. case studies, internal reports, customer conversations,
    support tickets)
  • Expert outreach (both proactive and reactive)
  • Quote research (from live sources, social media, and podcasts)
  • The latest news, stats, and reports ( from sites like
  • Real-life examples
  • Industry newsletters
  • Forum and community research
  • FAQ research (predominantly using People Also Asked and AnswerThePublic)
    See this article that ranks on first page for the keyword Convert silent readers into customers


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I also write ebooks for SaaS and eCommerce brands to help with their marketing.
(Add the image for the ebook and a link to it here)
My clients love the great pieces I write for them, and that’s why I get feedback like these:

Kevin Urrutia

Cofounder & Facebook Expert

James is very good at finding interesting ways of talking about our business and getting our users engaged with our blog.

Adela Dincea


“James is a good writer who delivers informative pieces on SaaS tactics and trends. He is meticulous in researching a topic, he’s got a good understanding of eCommerce processes and environments, and he is open to feedback on his writing. I recommend James for the comprehensive blogposts he writes and for his professionalism in tackling contractual jobs