4 Ways to Actually Run Successful Lead Generation Webinar

Do you know lead generation webinar can help you reach out to leads? Are you obsessed with converting leads to clients? Have you tried to host a webinar to help boost your conversion rates? This article will help you know to make your webinar a success.

A benchmark report by CMI shows that  43% of B2B marketers use webinars to market their businesses.

As a matter of fact, successful webinars help capture quality leads. These leads are easy to convert to clients down the sales cycle.

Reasons to use lead generation webinar

To supplement your content marketing

A lead generation webinar helps re-purpose your content to draw leads. Essentially, use the content to create lead magnet ebooks or blog posts.

Some webinar platforms have a chat feature. Leads can chat with each other, ask questions about the webinar, and provide feedback. Tap into that feedback and use the insights to grow leads.

You can know the language attendees used to describe their pain points. The knowledge about their pain points helps you create more content that addresses their needs.

Great content helps change the potential client mindset and convert them into clients with ease.

No geographical barriers

Webinars have no geographical barriers. As a matter of fact, you can hold a webinar with attendees from anywhere in the world the right tools, and a strong internet connection.

This makes webinars effective in generating leads, converting them, and grow your customer base.

Generate high-quality leads

A potential lead will not commit to registering for a webinar if they don’t have pain points. Leads will register for webinars as they are seeking information to solve their challenges.

Quality leads will commit to attending a webinar.  In other words, they attend webinars and learn more about the products a brand has to offer and how it will solve their pains.

Equally important, webinar registration helps you collect customer data. The data helps to qualify your attendees and walk them through the buyer journey stages.

Build trust and credibility

Through webinars, potential leads view you as an authority in your industry. As an authority, you build trust and credibility with your potential leads.

When attendees attend a webinar, they get to see, hear, and interact with the business experts. After the webinar, the attendees are more likely to trust the experts and do business with them.

Important to realize, the valuable information from your webinar helps you convert and nurture the relationship with your leads.

Partnership opportunities

You can choose a partner and host a joint webinar together. As a result of joint hosting, your webinar can capture more quality leads.  Tap into your partner email list to increase attendees’ registration.

joined lead generation webinar performance

Partnership with brands that offer the same services is essential. A joint partnership with brands offering the same services helps give attendees twice the value you could give them.

The partnership opportunity also helps you build your email list. Even if some attendees register and don’t attend the webinar, you can send them a link to your recorded webinar and add them to your list.

Having known the reasons why webinar matters to your business, let’s learn how to run a successful webinar, shall we?

How to run successful lead generation webinar

The successful webinar takes in different factors for it to be effective, generate more leads, and nurture them.

Set up your landing page

A great landing page is the start point for a successful webinar. Create an awesome landing page to attract potential leads to register for your webinar. A wonderful landing page helps you collect many registrants for your webinar and grow attendees list.

Here are some twists to make an awesome landing page.

  • Have a catchy headline. Leads are more likely to click through a catchy headline. Surprisingly, many leads will register for a webinar after clicking the headline.
  • Give information on the guest speaker. After leads know who will be presenting the webinar, they will be at ease. Presenting leads with guest information helps build trust with the speaker even before the event.
  • Include a short video. Including a short video about the webinar excites registrants. In addition, it helps prepare them mentally and psychologically for the actual webinar event.
  • Include value-driven call-to-action. You want attendees to take action, right? Including a high-value CTA is essential.
  • Date and time of the webinar. Let the registrants know when you will host your webinar. Be clear on the time and date to help them prepare for the event.

Promote your webinar

You want to have a high number of attendees, right? Then promoting your webinar is essential. Start promoting your webinar event two weeks to the event.

It is essential to know the best day and time to promote your webinar. According to BrightTALK research compiled by Smart Insights, Wednesday was the best day to promote your webinar.

lead generation webinar promotion day

However, the time to start promoting your lead generation webinar depends on you. Some ways to promote your webinar are.

Email marketing. Send emails to your subscribers to inform them of your webinar. Including a webinar link in your emails is essential. Let the subscribers know more about the webinars and how it will benefit them.

Your website.  Create a blurb on your homepage for your webinar. In addition, create a sidebar on your different web pages about your webinar.

LinkedIn posts. Create high-quality content on the webinar topic and post it on LinkedIn. Include a registration link for the webinar at the end of the article.

Contact key clients or prospects. Reach out to prospects and clients you know can benefit from the webinar. Contacting prospects adds a personal touch to your marketing and can earn you some leads.

Request connections to share. Approach your social connections to share your lead generation webinar on their social sites. Connections who can share your webinar are mostly ones you have build relationships and trust.

Use the Google URL Builder. With this tool, you can create a link to all of your marketing tactics. Track down the tactics that are working, optimize them, and follow up on the webinar promotion campaigns.

Lead generation webinar preparation

Know, in the first place, the webinar you will host to your audience. Base your webinar on what you want to achieve after the webinar. The main webinars are

The Masterclass webinars

These webinar type help teach the audience through a challenge they are experiencing. Breaking the masterclass webinar into major sections is essential.

A masterclass webinar should take leads from known to unknown. Each step should help guide them on how to solve a particular challenge they experience.

The demo webinars

The demo webinars walk your audience through your products. It helps explain the different features of your product. When showing your product through webinars, it is essential to highlight how your product will help them.

In addition, it is essential to explain to the registrants how they will use your product to solve their pains.

The Q&A webinars

You can run a general webinar of questions and answers on a specific topic. Important to realize, it is essential to have expert contact this kind of webinar.

With this webinar, it is easy to lose potential leads. If the guest speaker is not an expert on a particular topic, it will be hard to convert the leads. Remember, trust and credibility is the first thing leads look for before purchasing.

With a rough idea of the webinars you will host, it is essential to have a great webinar outline.

How to have a great lead generation webinar outline

Have a short webinar introduction

Introduce your audience to your webinar. Let them know what they expect from the webinar and how it will help them.

As you walk your attendees through the introduction, it is essential to grab their attention to avoid distractions during the webinar presentation.

Your webinar content

Walk your attendees through the webinar. Deliver on the promises you gave them during your promotion stage. Your webinar story should build rapport and credibility. Involve your audience in your webinar by asking them short questions.

As you continue presenting, engage the audience by answering their questions. Deliver valuable information to your attendees. Your webinar should not be over 60 minutes.

According to BrightTALK research compiled by Smart Insights, the average webinar length of the webinar is 39 minutes.

When presenting the webinar, let your audience know your product offer. Include a great call to action to help your attendees act.

For instance, let the attendees know if they purchase the product after the presentation, they can get a certain percentage discount on the price.

Have a Q&A session

Your attendees will have questions to ask after the webinar. Answer each question to help clear doubts that can limit them from acting.

Choose the right webinar platform?

It is essential to choose the right platform for your lead generation webinar. Here are some awesome features that make a great webinar platform. Before considering any platform,  knowing its pros and cons is essential

How easy to use is the platform

The success of your webinar depends on how easy the platform is to use. If you can operate the webinar software with easy it will make it hard to present your webinar. To present your webinar like an expert, choose the software you can operate.

Software Cost

Considering the cost of webinar software is essential. Plan for the software you will use in advance to avoid expenses.

If you make a request to subscribe to your webinar software, host many webinars to make high returns on the software. Use the free trial of webinar software to know if it is effective to host a lead generation webinar.

Great recording and replay features

Your webinar promotion will not end after the presentation. Recording your webinar and sending it to your leads is essential. Some leads can convert from listening to a recorded webinar. The software you use should be effective at recording the webinar.

Ensure the software you use can help you host a webinar on your website. Hosting a webinar can help you with important analytics that can help you like the sources of your registrants and the sources of your webinar views.

Have mobile friendly webinar software

Leads start a product search on a smartphone. It is essential to use webinar software leads can access on a smartphone. ClickMeeting webinar report shows 32% of attendees join the webinar using a mobile phone.


Webinars can be a great way to generate leads and convert them to clients. A successful lead generation webinar can cause high lead conversion and sales. Use the above tips to make your webinar is successful.

What are the ways you run your webinars that make it effective in generating leads? Let us hear your comments below.

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