13 Great Ways to Increase Your SaaS Business Revenue

SaaS business is growing every day. More and more SaaS brands are opened every day. With an increase in market demand, the rate of competition in this industry is also rising.

Research by Statista shows that the market share of the SaaS business has reached more than $158 billion.

To keep growing your SaaS brand, you have to offer the best services to your customers.

To help you market your brand, reach out to more target customers, and increase conversions, here are some tips you can use.

Build trust with your target customers

Customers love to do business from brands that they trust. Brands that other customers trust and leave reviews. Because customers read online reviews before engaging with a brand.

Reviews are a great way to build trust with your target customers. Customers like to read reviews from different customers.

Other ways to build trust with your target customers are:

Have a professional website

Your business website should have great design. Customers should know what’s in for them the moment they land on the website. Here is a SaaS brand offering bookkeeping services.

If you are a customer and searching for bookkeeping help the moment you land on this SaaS website you know you can get help.

Your website should also have a high loading speed. Research shows that website visitors leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Customers are less likely to buy from brands with slow website speeds.

Create high-quality content

Now that you have a faster loading speed with attractive designs, you need to create high-quality content.

Your clients interact with your brand through content on your website. Since you have a buyer persona for your customers, create that addresses their challenges.

Remember your target customers are in different stages of the buyer journey. Create content that addresses all the stages.

Your content should educate, build trust, engage, and place you as a thought leader for your business.

This makes it easy for target customers to trust your brand and probably convert into clients.

Have great landing pages

Include a great copy in your landing pages that will help target customers take action once they land on your pages.

Show your target clients your business services and its features and then include CTA to help them take action. Here is an example of the Ahrefs landing page.

Make your navigation page simple so readers can get what they want from your website in a glance.

It is important to include video content on your landing pages. Many people interact with video content more than images or text-based content.

Improve user experience

You need to build trust with your clients to your SaaS business. One great way to achieve this is by giving them the best user experience. 

Invesp research shows that 55% of customers use brands with a better experience.

Ensure that your clients can access your website using mobile devices. Create content that engages and helps them solve their pain points.

Connect with your clients and target clients on social media and help them in their journey of solving their problems.

You can run surveys and collect feedback from your customers. Then do your best to help them solve their SaaS business problems.

Have a great customer care team to handle your customers. Customers like to work with brands that listen and take care of their needs.

You can also include a live chat. Research by Kayako shows that 52% of customer repurchase from brands with live chat on their website.

Also, great customer experience improves cross-selling and upselling of services to the clients. 

This helps the SaaS business generate more revenue from their customers as they help them with their pain points.

Proof your SaaS business is secure

Customers love secure sites, and especially if they are giving their personal information.

Before subscribing to the SaaS business, clients need to know if the site is secure. To make your site secure, use SSL certificates.

Transacting business with a secure site will make clients trust the brand and be free to do business with the brand. 

With the brand amazing services, they can refer other customers to your SaaS business. This can end up increasing your SaaS revenue and business ROI.

Reduce churn rate

You have put in a lot of work to generate leads, you don’t want to convert them into customers then leave after a single purchase, right?

You want to retain them and generate a repeat revenue from them and increase customer lifetime value.

To reduce the churn rate increase customer engagement your SaaS business and generate more sales use these tips.

Learn from your competitors

Visit your competitors’ business and learn how they manage their business and clients.

This will give you ideas on how to manage your clients, offer them the best services, and retain them to your SaaS business.

Offer more trial periods

Most SaaS business gives their customers trial periods to their services before they bill them out. Some customers leave your business because they didn’t understand it well.

During the trial period engage and help them know how to use your business features to solve their pain points.

Improve your user onboarding process

The way of integrating your customer to your business can affect your SaaS sales. Your customers need to know more about your business. Research by Localytics shows app 25% of users left the app after using it once.

This is mostly related to the onboarding process. The customers could not get the value from the SaaS brands or they find the use of the services complicated to them.

It is essential to engage, communicate, and help your clients get the best out of your SaaS brand.

Have clear pricing for your SaaS services

Give your customers a clear pricing model for your business. Let them know the services they will get and how much they are paying for them. Here is an example of the Shopify pricing structure.

For your saas business give all your clients your services features and pricing.

It clearly shows the customer the different packages, their cost, and the different prices for each package. 

The brand also gives the customer the different features of the services the client will have for the package they will subscribe to. 

If that isn’t enough it gives brands an option for customization of the package if the brand is very large.

Keep improving your services to customers

As you serve your customers come up with more creative ways to provide better services to help them. 

Giving your customers better and improved services and help them solve their challenges faster build more trust in your SaaS brand.

A great way to help you improve the features of your services is by acting on the feedback you get from the customers. 

Be transparent to your customers

Trust is a very strong element when it comes to SaaS business. You need to be honest and transparent to your customers as you build trust and do business with them.

Here is an example of Buffer transparency to their customers.

use transparency to build your saas business with your clients


The customers want changes every now and then. Use the above tips to grow your SaaS business subscription, retain your clients, and increase your revenue.

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