SaaS Customer Success Strategy to Grow Your Brand

SaaS business is a subscription model type and you need customers to make repeat payments and for that to happen you have to retain your customers.

Customer success can help you achieve your brand goals get retainer customers and grow your brand sales and revenue.

This article will give more details on customer success that you can implement to grow your customer base and make consistent profits for your business.

What is customer success?

To start with, let’s define what customer success is all about. Most people confuse the terms of customer support and customer success.

It involves a proactive strategy where you anticipate your customer’s challenges and acts fast to provide solutions to their challenges.

On the other hand, customer support is all the activities you do to help your customers get the value out of your products or services.

Here is a little comparison of the two terms by Hubspot brand.

Importance of customer success

Brand promotion

Customer service and success play a great part in promoting your SaaS business to new target customers.

When your current customers get the best out of your services and solve their pains, they will advocate your brand to other people. Here is a simple definition of a brand by Lucidpress.

This increased brand awareness will drive more target customers to your business who will end up converting and using your services.

Customer retention

SaaS business is a subscription model type of business. You need your customers to stay with you and make monthly repeat purchases from your brand.

With customer success, you can easily retain customers and make them your long-term source of income.

Invesp research shows that increasing customer retention by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.

If current customers are happy with your brand and all their problems are taken care of in a great way, they will stay with your brand.

Customer loyalty

Customer success leads to increased customer loyalty with you and your business.

They become very loyal and form a great bond with you and your business that ensures continuous use of your business for their pain points.

Giving your customers the best experience with your brand increases their loyalty and customer success.

Research conducted by Invesp shows that 89% of companies use customer experience as a key factor in building loyal customers.

Improve customer happiness

As the term describes pain points, these are the great challenges your customers have.

They are very happy when they finally find a business that helps them relieve those pains and fulfill their goals.

Customer success will ensure your customers are always happy with your brand, after all, you have given them a solution to pains that were disturbing them. You have solved their challenges and made their lives easier.

Increase revenue and sales

You have helped your customers and increased their success with your services.

They go outside and invite more people with similar problems who find your brand amazing and join your current customers.

This increased your sales capacity and grows more revenue from the collection of all customers using your business services.

Your customer success process ( how it works)

Below are some processes that can help you with your customer success plans as you grow your business.

Know your customer

You can’t fully serve your customers the way they want if you don’t know them. Take time and analyze your customers to get to know them deeper.

Know their pain points, the different stages of the buyer journey they are in as you map a way to help them with your services.

It will be easy to achieve great customer success if you know your customers’ challenges as it will help provide the best services that they need.

Have great communication with the customer

Communication is the center of growth for any brand. You need to have the right communication with your customer as you serve them.

This will help you collect feedback from them, know what they want, and give them exactly that.

Communicating with the customer the right way will ensure the smooth running of your brand.

Work on customer objectives

Remember customer success is all about working to meet your customer objectives in a great way.

As you communicate with your customers, map their goals, and plan them well.

Use all the materials you got to ensure you hit their objectives and give them the best value of your services.

It is also important to analyze the progress of your customers as they use your brand services.

It will help you know what features to add to ensure you need all their objectives as they desire.

Have a customer success team

You can’t fully satisfy your customers working alone. It is essential to have a team that will help ensure your customer success as you grow and market your brand.

Your team should be well trained to handle customers in the right way. It should always be ready and also professionally treat all the customers.

Customer success strategy

Brand awareness

You need more target customers to know about your business services and how you can help solve challenges.

You can use different channels for awareness as running ads, using social media, or publishing optimized content on your website.

Increasing brand awareness will get more people to know about you and your business and draw them to you.

Product/service knowledge

As you run brand awareness, you need to offer knowledge that will help these target customers know about your services.

Such knowledge will guide them on your services and show them how your business will help solve their challenges.

Create great landing pages for your website and provide all the information that will show your target customers the value of your brand.

Also, provide your customers with content to engage them with your brand.

Your content should be educative, easy to read, and offer the right type of content your customers need.

One that aligns with their goals and objectives as they use your brand to solve their challenges.

Acquiring customers

You can’t have customer success if you don’t have customers in the first place. Also, acquiring new customers is more expensive than retaining them.

Below is a comparison stats of acquiring new customers and the value of loyal ones.

You don’t just want to have a handful of customers but a lot of people using your business to achieve their objectives, right?

Well, you need to work on acquiring those new customers. Invesp research shows that 89% of SaaS’s top activities are acquiring new customers.

With customers, you can walk them through your brand and get them to use your services.

Ensuring their success as they use your services will ensure great customer lifetime value and increased profits.

Customer onboarding

Many brands lose their newly acquired customers easily because they don’t onboard them well.

If a new customer doesn’t know how to use your business services and there is no one to guide them the right way, they will leave and join your competitors.

For increased customer success, it is important to ensure your customers are properly onboarded.

They know how to use your services and have a great team to help solve any challenges they may have in the process.

Customer support

Customers need help when using your business services. A great support team is an essential part of the customer success strategy.

If customers have challenges and the business doesn’t provide help in the shortest time, they may leave the business.

Research by Hubspot compiled by Oberlo shows that 92% of customers leave a brand after poor customer experiences.

You really don’t want to lose even a single customer as acquiring a new one is more expensive than retaining your existing customers.

You need a team that addresses your customers’ concerns in the shortest time possible and gives them the solution they need for their pain points.

Best practices for customer success

Put customer success at the top

Your business is not about you but your customers. As you run your business, ensure your customer success is at the top of your priority.

Be on the lookout for your customer’s concerns and offer them the best they need for their pains.

Be ready to act and implement your customer feedback and keep improving your services to ensure the continued satisfaction of your customers.

Your whole business model should be run on a customer-centric approach. Make your customer feel taken care of and heard.

Engage your customers across the buyer journey

As a brand, you need to keep your customers engaged as you help them solve their pain points. Not only your customers, but you also need to keep your target customers engaged.

Keep educating them about your brand and draw them closer to convert them into customers.

All these buyers are in the different stages of their buying circle.

the buyer stages of your target customers as you nurture them

 Some know exactly what they want while others don’t even know they have pain points.

You can use the power of email marketing to keep your customers engaged. But to start with you need to have a great email list of your customers and target customers.

Offer personalized solutions to your customers

The first point of growing your customers is to know them. With the right knowledge of your customers, you can offer personalized solutions to their problems.

Such a move establishes great customer trust and bond with your company. Customers love and appreciate brands that help them solve their challenges and do it in the way that they want.

Track customer metrics

There are different metrics you can track about your customer usage and engagement with your services and the business in general.

These metrics help you know what you need to improve, how you have to handle different customer challenges as your brand and solve their pain points.


Your customer success is at the core of your brand. As you run your brand, ensure your customers’ needs are taken care of all the time.

Their success is the foundation of your business growth and development. The above tips shine a light on your customer success and its major role in running your brand.

Use them to give your customers the best services and ensure their success, retain them and keep growing your business sales and revenue.

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