8 Awesome Plugins to help with Content Marketing Campaigns

As a content marketer, it is essential to write high-quality content for your readers. Do you know some plugins that can help you create that amazing content? Having content that helps solve your readers’ problems is great for your content marketing campaigns.

However, not all people will be able to reach your site or know its content. You need to greatly promote your content for your target audience.

That is where social media marketing comes in. Research shows that there are over 3.5 billion social media users daily.

 Marketers are using different social media sites to reach out to potential clients by sharing the content that they have on their websites.

Once you publish your great content on your website, share it with your target clients on social media.

If your content is educative and of high quality and matches user intent, your readers will share it and make it go viral.

This will increase your brand awareness, generate more traffic to your website, and increase conversion chances.

To start with, you need to install plugins on your website that will help you share your content easily to reach a high number of readers.

There are many different plugins that you can use. Here are some simple yet powerful plugins to use in your social marketing campaigns.

According to user statistics, many websites are using WordPress to build their sites.

Accompanying websites with great plugins for social sharing is excellent for social shares. Before using a plugin, it is essential to know how to install it correctly.

Sumo plugin

Apart from helping in social sharing, sumo helps grow your website traffic. It has many social sharing buttons from which you can choose where to share your content. It has excellent features such as:

Easy-to-use interface. Ability to customize your social sharing buttons. You can choose which post or page to add to your social sharing button.

It has both free and premium services. However, the features of the free app are limited. Upgrading to premium helps you access advanced features. Here is the pricing structure for the tool.

You can check out the pricing page to know more about the features each package has.

You can use sumo to get subscribers to join your email list for your email marketing campaigns.

WP social sharing

This is a free social sharing plugin. It is easy to install and use in content marketing campaigns. It adds top buttons to share your content on different social media accounts.

With the plugin, you have the option to either include plugin CSS/JS or not depending on your choice. You can add the text you want before sharing it with your social networks.

The plugin has an auto display that helps you customize your post and page before sharing.

Yoast SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization, Yoast takes care of your site. You need to optimize the content you post on your website to draw traffic.

Yoast plugin has both free and paid versions, with paid versions you have access to more of its features to help in your SEO needs.

Its interface offers excellent features to help optimize your content for the search engine.

It has sitemap XML that allows Google to index your website pages and other material in the search engine. Below is the Yoast plugin analysis for one of my blog posts.

SEO analysis using Yoast, one of the recommended SEO plugins

Apart from search engine optimization, Yoast helps improve the readability score of your content online.

Here is the readability score for the post.

As shown in the screenshot above, Yoast readability helps you create high readable content for your readers. You can use install and use the plugin for free.

However, it has a premium option with more advanced features for optimizing your content in the search engines.

Here is how two versions of features compare the premium version costs $89.

W3 Total Cache

You could be having a great website with high-quality content, but if your pages are loading slowly, it affects your lead conversions.

That is where the W3 total cache plugin comes in; it helps you speed up your website page loading.

It improves your search optimization efforts and reduces the time it takes to download content.

You can integrate it with features like the content delivery network. The plugin is essential for your content marketing campaigns.

Some of its significant benefit for website optimization including but not limited to:

It improves page ranking in search engines. It helps in conversion rate optimization for your leads. Increases visitors’ time on your site, since your website has high loading speeds.

Assists sustain high traffic periods for your site. If you are thinking of optimizing your website loading speeds, consider using a W3 total cache plugin. Here are some of its benefits.

And here are its key features.

Another similarly essential plugin that can help in your site caching and improving its loading speed is WP super cache plugin

Analytics plugins for marketing campaigns

For your website development and lead capturing, you need data. It is crucial to know how your audience interacts and behaves on your website.

Such data helps you understand what to improve, fix, eliminate, or change to suit your visitors and helps draw quality leads who can convert to clients.

An impressive marketing strategy depends on the accurate data you get from your users. The right analytics tells you a lot about your audience, which includes but not limited to:

The devices they mostly use to access your website the pages they visit more frequently the pages with high bounce rates. Their location, age, gender, demographic, etc

For your content marketing campaigns, Google Analytics is one of the excellent analytics plugins to assist you to collect data from your audience.

You can use the Monster Insights plugin to help you properly install Google analytics on your website.

Google Analytics helps you track data for more than one website from a single dashboard.

All you need to do is add a tracking ID for each site to your panel, and you are ready to go.

Google Analytics advanced features assist you with more user experience and improve your website lead conversions by a high percentage.

If you decide to use monster insights software, here is its pricing structure.

Email Subscription forms for marketing campaigns

Email subscription is a great way of capturing quality leads to your website. It has a high return on investment for your business.

Companies that use email marketing have high lead conversion rates and generate high sales, According to HubSpot marketing statistics.

Offering your potential leads high-quality content through email marketing campaigns helps shorten sales cycles and make massive sales.

There are excellent email subscription plugin forms that can help in your marketing campaigns. They include:

· WP subscribe Pro

The plugin integrates many email service providers like Aweber which is essential for your marketing campaigns and lead generation. Other supported email service providers are MailChimp and Feedburner.

It is a great plugin to help build your email list and drive repeat visitors and clients to your site.

The plugin supports you with exceptional, awesome forms that help generate high-quality leads for your marketing campaigns.

· Pop Over Plugin

Being one of many WordPress plugins, the pop-over plugin assists you create high-quality and professional popup forms to help in lead generation.

Although pop-up forms it is a great way to help build your email list. It is essential to regulate the frequency with which the pop-ups appear on your website. Most readers are annoyed by constant pop-ups and can leave your website.

WP Touch plugin

Most internet users use smartphones to search for information online. That includes accessing websites. It is essential to optimize your site and make it mobile-friendly.

When your site is mobile-friendly, users can get information and interact with your site content easily.

It is also a great way to reach a high number of people for your content marketing campaign efforts. WP Touch plugin assists you by making your website mobile-friendly.

Smush Plugin

Images are a great part of every content produced. They help readers understand the content.

However, large images can affect the loading speeds of content which can have advanced effects on your SEO.

Smush plugin helps compress the image for them to load faster. You can smush and optimize bulk images with a single click. Here are more things you can get from the plugin.

one of image compression plugins for your website

Editorial calendar

As a marketer, you need to publish content high-quality content consistently. The Editorial Calendar plugin can help organize how and when your blog posts will be published.

You can edit post titles, content, and manage your drafts with ease with its drag and drop features. Here are more of its features.


As a content marketer, generating leads is essential for marketing campaigns. Social media account is a great place to create leads for your business.

The above plugins are an excellent match for sharing content through social media accounts and help with lead generation for your business.

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