How to Actually Build An Awesome Email List That Engages

A great email list is an awesome way to build an awesome client base for your business. Do you know that you can use email marketing to make more sales and grow your business’s return on investment?

However, to grow your email marketing campaigns, you need to have contact details for your potential leads. This article will be your guide on how to build an awesome email list.

An email list helps you build a relationship with your potential leads before you sell them your services. Once you build trust and credibility with leads, it is easy to convert the lead into customers or retainer clients.

Why an email list is essential for your email marketing

An email list has many benefits including,

  • Reaching out to potential clients. Clients will not come to your business; you need to reach out to them.

Having a great email list of potential clients is an awesome start point for your business marketing. Email marketing has a high engagement rate with your potential clients.

  • Build deeper relationships with new and existing clients. Occasionally, you will send your email list content that educates and engages them in your business.

You research their pain points and know the type of content that you will send them. This helps you build a deep relationship, as these target clients will see you as an authority in your niche.

  • Update your customers on new products or services. You send out an email to your clients about a product or service release from your business.

A simple email can explain to your subscribers how your services will help solve their challenges. That, as a result, can lead to more sales.

  • Has a high conversion rate. With email marketing, your potential leads can convert to clients with ease. Personalize your emails and include a great call-to-action to help subscribers take action.

With that in mind, let us look at how we can build an awesome email list. Shall we?

Create amazing email content

Potential leads will join your list if you have awesome content. Before you send emails, ensure that you have high-quality content.

Your content should educate and provide actionable steps on how your prospects will solve their pain points. Some ways to create such content include,

  • A catchy subject line. Most subscribers open emails based on the subject line. As a marketer, create a detailed buyer persona to help you know your target market. Create a subject line that will draw their attention to click your emails.
  • Easy to read email content. Your content should be easy to read. Use short sentences, images, screenshots, bullet points, and many white spaces to make your content more readable.

Your content should guide your prospects on how to solve their pains and take action. Your content should show the reader how to deal with their challenges.

  • Tell readers about your email content. When readers know what to expect from the email it motivates them to open it. It is essential to give your readers a summary of your email content to encourage them to read.

Create a lead magnet

Your prospects will be more willing to give their emails in exchange for something. It is essential to create a great lead magnet that will benefit your readers.

Some of the lead magnets include eBooks, checklists, free reports, case studies, or a short e-course. All these aim to build trust and credibility with potential clients.

You can place your lead magnets on your website, at the end of your blog post, in your social media posts, or your newsletters.

Ensure that your lead magnet is valuable to your prospects. Keep your lead magnets short and full of actionable tips to draw your prospects attention.

Include CTA on your business page

Create business pages on major social sites LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Your business pages should be professional and show potential clients how your business will help them solve their challenges.

At the bottom of your business pages, include a call-to-action button where leads can subscribe to your business and take action.

Use online webinars to get emails

Host educative and informative webinars. Create a subscription page on your website to collect attendees’ information. Promote your webinar to reach out to many potential clients and include them on your list.

Your webinar should be on a topic that your readers love. Choose a guest speaker who is an expert in the field to deliver your webinar.

Attendees will be willing to exchange their email addresses to get your quality content that helps them solve their pains.

Webinars are great ways to build credibility with potential clients. Use the Q&A session of your webinar to answer all the questions your attendees have during your webinar.

Once attendees trust you, they can refer other potential clients to join subscribe to your email list.

You can also use your webinar as a lead magnet. Record your webinar during the presentation and use it on your website to get emails for your email marketing campaigns.

Hosting a joined webinar is also a great way to build your list. You can tap into your partner email list and include them to your existing subscribers.

Guest posting

Guest posting is another great way to build your list. When creating guest post content, ensure that it is informative, educates, and helps your target audience solve their pains. Posting to other websites with a link to your own site is a great way to draw traffic.

When readers find your content helpful, they are most likely to join your email list to receive content that helps them grow their business.

Your guest post should cover a topic that interests your readers. Write guest posts to influential blogs with a high number of monthly visitors.

Your post is exposed to a large number of readers and this increases your website traffic. Through that, you attract more readers to join your list.

Create videos and post them on YouTube

Video marketing is a great way to connect with your potential clients. Create a YouTube channel, post awesome videos that address your readers’ specific needs.

To build your email list from YouTube, encourage your readers to subscribe to your channel, and share the videos with other people.

Through that, you can increase your email list. Here is an example of Neil Patel’s youtube channel that has over 665K subscribers.

You can create tutorials to teach your potential clients how you will solve their specific challenges. Include a call to action for readers to join your tutorial and share their addresses.

Use social media sites

Social media is a great way to connect with potential clients. There are over 3.8 billion active users on social media sites.

Research on social media usage and how you can tap into it to get email list for your marketing campaigns.

Many of these users are your target clients. Update your social media accounts and post content to promote your business brand and get email addresses for your email list.

Some ways to use social media to build your email list include

  • Use Facebook Ads

You can create lead generation ads on Facebook to attract leads. Here is an example of a Facebook ad.

When you click on learn more you are taken to a page where you can download a guide and the site gets your details for your email list.

free downloads from website landing page is a great way to get emails for your email list

Ensure your ads target a particular buyer persona for high conversion results. Optimize your Ads to reach out to many target audiences. Include a great call-to-action on your ads so that leads can take action.

  • Leverage LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn is a great source for B2B clients. Join LinkedIn groups and display your expertise to your potential clients in the group.

Offer useful information and answer questions group members ask. Through this, you build trust with your potential clients and attract them to your list.

Encourage email sharing

As you continue building your email list, encourage existing subscribers to refer others to you. However, before asking for a referral, ensure that you first build trust and credibility with your existing list.

A potential client is more likely to trust a brand when a friend or a family member refers to them.

Strategically gate content

Marketers use gated content to generate leads for their business. For a reader to access some content from a website, they have to give out their email address. In this way, a marketer can collect emails for email marketing campaigns.

You can use also use-gated content to get other customer information like their company, their names, or their business title.

Some of the gated content you can offer your readers include white papers, videos, case studies, or product demos.

Add a sign-up button to your email copy

Some people who see your email may not be on your list. For instance, many of your social media connections and followers are not on your email list.

Including a sign-up button in your emails can encourage potential customers to join your email list. When a reader forwards your email to a friend or a co-worker, you will increase your chance to generate a lead.

Your visitors will find it easy to join your list when you add a join my mailing list to the email you send.

Deliver quality content for your readers

Your target readers visit your site in search of great content that will help them solve their pain points. Creating amazing content will attract readers to their site.

They will be willing to join your subscriber list to receive your latest content updates. That’s why you need to create content your readers love and engage with.

Post such content regularly as this will bring more people to your website who will join your email list. Optimize your content with keywords your target clients use to search for information.

Include social proof on your website

Target clients feel comfortable doing business with brands they can trust. You can make them comfortable and earn their trust by including social proof on your website.

Include testimonials and customer reviews of your business products or services. Here are some examples of Buffer testimonials.

If they trust you they will be more willing to join your email list to know more about your business and how it can help them.

Give free discounts or free software trials

You can get email addresses for target clients when you offer them free products, discounts, or trial time for your SaaS brand. Here is an example of a free trial for AWeber which is email marketing software.

free trials can help you get emails for your email list and reach more target customers to sell your services or products.

When target customers sign up for the free trial you add their details to your email list.


Trust and credibility are essential for your business growth. With an awesome email list, you can build your loyal clients, make sales, and repeat sales.

Above are ways you can grow your email list for your business. Take action and apply those methods. Build your customer base, increase sales and your business’s return on investment. What are the ways you use to build your email list?


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