Best Social Listening Tools For Your Brand Marketing

Social media is a great place to find and engage with target customers. Research shows that 54% of social browsers are target customers searching for products to buy.

It’s the best place to increase your brand awareness, reach potential customers, and convert them for your business.

Brands use different tools for prospecting and marketing their business on social sites. Among the different groups of tools is social listening tools.

This article will cover different social listening tools for brand marketing on social media.

What is Social Listening?

In simple terms, social listening is monitoring your social sites for mentions of your brand, how customers engage with your business, and your competitors’ products, among many other things.

Why Social Listening Matters

Engage customers

Most of your target customers hang out on social media to find brands that will help them solve their pains.

With the help of social listening tools, you can engage with these customers, know more about their pains, and provide solutions that can help them.

You can also draw them to your business website for more engagement. They learn more about your awesome business and how it can help them solve their pains.

This engagement helps build trust that leads to more conversions and sales.

Know the performing content

Brands like yours post content daily on social media to engage and convert leads to clients.

Social listening tools can help you know the best performing content in your niche.

You can create more of this type of content, engage potential customers as you grow your brand.

Publishing the right content target customers wants helps increase your thought leadership and trust with target customers that lead to more conversions and sales.

Track your competitors

 With the help of social listening tools, you can track your competitors and find out how they engage with customers.

You can know how their customers say about their products or services. That information can help you improve your own products or services.

You can then deliver what your customers want since you serve the same customers as your competitors.

Provide better customer service

Customers will comment about your business and what they expect from you as they engage on social media.

You get to learn how satisfied or dissatisfied your customers are with your brand.

With the help of social listening tools, you can get insights and improve your customer service. Here is some research that shows the negative effects of poor customer service.

This will help you serve your customers better and increase user experience for them that can lead to more sales and revenue.

Find pain points

You will easily find your customer pain points as you engage with your customers or track competitors.

Their conversation or comments on social media with brands in your niche give more insights into what your customers are going through.

You learn how your customers perceive your products and give tips on providing them with much better services or products.

As a business, you are better positioned to offer the right solutions to those pains, make more sales, and grow your brand.

Identify influencers

Influencers play a big role in your brand marketing. Customers trust a brand that is recommended by influencers in their niche. Research by Mediakix shows that 35% of influencer marketing is very effective.

With social listening tools, you can monitor conversations on social media to find the right influencers to partner with. These people have passion and love what your brand is going in the market.

Find new selling opportunities

You are engaging both your customers and potential customers on social media.

Through conversations on social media, the tools can help you learn more about your prospective customers.

This can open more opportunities for you to sell your products or services. You can keep offering great products or services and retain customers for a long time.

Metrics to Track With Social Listening Tools

Industry trends

Your customer needs are changing, and brands are creating more advanced solutions to match those new needs.

With the help of social listening tools, you can track the new trends in your industry.

You will be able to know how the market is changing and change with it to provide your customers with the best services and experience.

Brand mentions

You can track how your brand is mentioned by customers and target customers on social sites. Different customers have different views and opinions about your business.

Tracking your brand mention can help determine how customers feel about your products or services.

From the customers’ mentions and what they say about you, you can act on their feedback and grow your brand.

Competitor mentions

Your customers or potential customers also mention your competitors on social sites.

You can track what these customers say about your competitors to know how they feel about them and their business.

Through tracking, you can learn more about their strengths and weaknesses. The mentions can also help you get ideas or strategies you can implement in your business, convert more customers, and increase sales.

Relevant hashtags

You can track hashtags relevant to your industry and see how customers engage with content related to those hashtags.

You can also monitor your competitors’ hashtags and see their engagement with customers.

Create content and use those hashtags to increase customer engagement with your content and business.

Impressions and reach

You can monitor unique visitors who see your content on social sites. Having many unique visitors on social sites who check out your content is a sign your content is valuable.

Great content on social media will go viral and reach many target customers who can later convert into paying customers.

You can also track the times your content appeared on the timeline of your target customers.

The impressions give you some social media users who saw your content even if they didn’t engage with it in any way.

Sentiment score

Different customers will have different feelings about your brand. Some will show positive sentiments, others negative, while others are neutral. Here is a guide for sentiment analysis.

You can track the sentiment score to know your customers’ sentiments about you and your brand.

A high number of negative sentiments can affect your brand growth. Look for ways to improve your services or products and deliver what your customers want.

Social Media Listening Tools


You can use Hubspot for your brand marketing campaigns. It makes it easy to promote different content types on different social sites.

With Hubspot, you can share and engage with target customers through the Hubspot interface.

The tool also has different features to help with your brand marketing. With the free Hubspot CRM, you can integrate with all social sites and monitor the performance of your content.

Here are some other product features you can get from the tool.

The tool offers some features for free and others you have to pay for them. Here is their page for the pricing model.


With Hootsuite, you can track your brand’s progress from a single dashboard.

This includes all the conversations of your target customers, the messages, mentions, and comments.

Here is the pricing comparison for its services. Also, check out the pricing page to see each package’s features so you can choose the best that suits your business.

With the tool, you can import lists or influencers and share them with your company after tracking them.

Hootsuite also makes it easy to integrate other social sites where you market your business.


The tools help track mentions, updates, and trends on social media to guide your marketing team on how to reach customers.

You will also monitor your competitors to know how they reach customers and help brand marketing.

You can also monitor your customers’ engagement with your brand and influencers who can help market your business.

The tool helps you know the best types of content that perform well on social sites and ones your customers love to read so you can create more of it for increased engagement.

Here is the pricing model for the tool.


With Awario, you can easily track keywords across social sites to learn more about your target customers.

They crawl more than 13 billion pages for online conversations to help brands know what is going on and engage customers with brands.

You can get social listening reports with the tool to help increase your brand awareness, reach more target customers, and draw them to your brand.

If you want to use this tool, it will cost you.

Sprout Social

The tool provides businesses with different solutions to help brand engagement online, connect with more target customers, and increase conversions.

Sprout Social can help get a report on how your customers value your brand online, which can help you reach them and connect them best.

Here is research that shows how customers think brands should take a stand on social issues.

The above report showed that customers believe that 47% of the brand’s customers help boost brand credibility.

The reports above shine a light on brands on how to reach target customers on social media sites. With Sprout Social, you can know where your target customers are more active on social sites.

This will help you map out your plan for content creation and publish them at times when they are active to increase engagement.

Here are some core features for monitoring your brand on social sites.

And if you decide to use the tool, here is its pricing model for the different packages of the software.


The tool is excellent for tracking hashtags for your brand engagement alongside other metrics like mentions and content engagement.

Keyhole heatmap tools help show how customers mention and engage with your brand on different sites worldwide. It gives you great insights that can help you reach your target customers better.

Here are some of the great features you can get from this tool.

Here are more features for the tool and the main social sites you can use the tool for your brand social listening.

You can visit the tool website and learn more about how you can use it to monitor and grow your brand on social sites. Here is the pricing structure for its services.


With Mention, you can monitor the web for brand mentions and engage customers on social sites.

You can also track different content sources in different languages and pinpoint the essential conversations that customers engage with.

The tool can filter and analyze data on social sites to help you know how your brand is performing and how you can improve it.

Here are the different media monitoring features you can get with the tool.

The tool competitive analysis gives you insights into your competitors’ actions on social sites.

You can implement the lessons in your brand marketing, beat your competitors, engage more target customers, and convert them. Here is the price comparison for the Mention tool.

You can check out the pricing page to see how the different packages compare and the features in each package.

Agora Pulse

You can track the engagement of your target customers to your brand on social media in different ways.

Monitor mentions, hashtags, and your competitors to help reach target customers on social media sites.

Here are more featured to improve your social media listening.

Here are more features and resources you will get from this software.

see the cost below.

Visit the website pricing page to see how the different packages compare and the features included in each package.


The tool makes it easy to engage with target customers from a single dashboard with the help of a shared inbox.

You can plan for your content scheduling, track the content that engages the target customer, and increase brand engagement with your customers.

You can integrate the tool with different social media sites where your target customers hang out and reach them out.

Here are more features you can get from the tool to help promote your brand and reach more customers.

Here is the buffer pricing model for its services.


The tool has mention analysis features to know how customers mention and interact with your brand. Here are more features for the social listening tool.

Knowing how your audience interacts with your brand and content and their sentiments can help you adjust and give customers what they want.

This will increase engagement, build trust, and increase conversion rates for your business growth. Here is the tool pricing structure if you decide to use it for your brand marketing.


You need to know your customers well as you engage them and build trust with them. Listening to what your customers and target customers say and interacting with your brand is essential for brand growth.

You learn more about how your customers value your brand and provide them with the right resources and solutions to solve their pain points.

To learn more about what your customers are doing on social sites, the above social listening tools greatly help.

Check them out to see the one which matches your business and use it to learn more about your customers on social media and increase conversions and sales.

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