How to Run Social Media Campaigns to Increase Lead Conversion and Sales

As a business social media campaigns are a great way to reach out to your target customers, engage them to your brand, earn their trust, and convert them into customers.

However, getting leads that engage with your brand is one challenge many marketers face.

 MarketingCharts report shows that 57% of marketers battle with this challenge in their brand marketing.

To effectively grow your business using social media marketing, you need to know how you can run social media campaigns for your brand marketing.

This article will guide you on how to run these campaigns and reach out to your target customers.

Know your customers well

You can’t serve or reach your customers well if you don’t know them. Before you start any campaigns, ensure you do in-depth research on your target customers.

You can create a buyer persona to help you understand your customers better.

Create content that speaks to your customer touchpoints and shows them how to solve them.

Use the same business logo

Create business pages for your brand on different social media platforms. Across all the platforms, ensure you use the same business logo.

One aspect of your brand marketing is to gain the trust of your target customers as you engage them in your business, right?

Well, using a unique logo for your brand on all your social accounts can greatly help your business gain that trust.

Use a mobile-friendly website

The technology is changing and so is the way your target customers access information online.

Research shows that most target customers use mobile phones. As a brand ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

If they can’t access your website through their smartphones, you are losing a great opportunity to engage target customers and increase conversions.

Also, create attractive landing pages with high-quality and optimized copies for your brand marketing.

Post content regularly on social sites

You need to keep your customers active and engaged with your brand on your social sites.

Post great content regularly, the ones that target these clients educate them and help draw leads to your business.

Also, engage your target customers through your content. Reply to their comments, shares, likes, etc for your content.

Learn from your competitors

You can check out your competitor’s campaigns and how they are performing for their business.

Check out those companies in your marketing with successful social accounts and see what they are doing for their business through their social media campaigns.

See the kind of campaigns they create and how they interact with their target audience on social sites.

Since you are in the same industry you will get ideas on how to run your own campaigns, engage your target audience, and probably convert them for your business. As you learn from competitors, ensure you consort social media statistics from reputable companies to help in the decision making process.

Set your campaign goals

You don’t want to run your campaigns blindly. You need to have a goal for every social media campaign you create for your brand marketing.

Goals will help you be focused on what you want to achieve for business and make it easy to reach your target customers and convert them.

Once you have goals it makes it easy to plan your campaigns and run them effectively.

You can easily know the performance of your business based on the goals you set for your campaigns.

Run A/B tests for your campaigns

You need to deliver the best to keep your audience engaged in your brand and increase the chances of conversion and sales.

Research by Statista shows the rising online sales by brands are rapidly increasing every day.

Running a/b tests can help you know what your target audience wants and create more of that for them.

Create what your customers want most to increase their engagement to your brand and also the chances of converting into customers. To help run successful tests, avoid making these mistakes.

Create different content for social media sites

The different social sites are not the same. As you create your campaigns ensure the content suites the platform.

For example, Youtube is famous for video content. Also, video is one of the most engaging pieces of content for marketing your brand.

Colored visuals increase user engagement to read a piece of content by 80%.

Choose the sites where your target customers mostly hang out and create engaging content on that platform. Then create content that is mostly consumed on the platform to engage these target customers to your business and increase their conversion rates.

Use a great call to action

You just don’t want to create campaigns for your target customers but have them convert into customers for your business.

To increase their conversions ensure you include an attractive call to action for your campaigns.

Research by the content marketing institute shows that 63% of marketers use clear CTA for their brand marketing.

They will help your target customers act and engage with your brand to know more about your business and how it can help them solve their challenges.

They eventually convert into customers and help your brand generate sales.

Track metrics for your campaigns

You have already set goals for your social media campaigns. You need to track the performance of your campaign, know what to improve to help you reach your set goals.

Tracking your social media campaigns will help you know how to create the best campaigns to increase user engagement, build trust with leads, and draw them to your business.

Use the power of influencers

Influencer marketing is still a great way to attract and draw customers to your brand. People trust and follow influential people all the time.

Using these people is a great way to win the trust of your target customers in your business. Do your own research for the influencers you want to use for your brand marketing.

You can use influencer marketing in different niches. Here is an example of the power of influencer marketing to promote your food and drinks business.

The influencer marketing budget is still rising and more companies are using influencers to reach their customers. A report by Mediakix shows that brands are spending $5-10 billion on influencer marketing.

Another research by Mediakix shows that many 34% of marketers that use influencer marketing say it has better ROI compared to other marketing channels.


Social media campaigns are a great marketing strategy for many brands. To see great returns of your marketing efforts and increase lead conversion and sales you have to run your campaigns in the right way. Use the above tips for your campaign marketing.

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