10 Strategies to Increase Your SaaS Free Trial Conversions

You have your SaaS business running and are looking for ways to increase free trial conversions for your business.

Then don’t worry. This article will give you great strategies to ensure the people who use your free trial for your business end up converting into return customers. Before looking at the strategies, let’s look at why we should use free trials first.

Advantages of offering a free trial to your customers

Helps build trust with customers

Customers love to do business with brands they trust. Since you are getting many leads every day who are interested in your brand, you can give them something to trust you.

A free trial to a potential customer is a great trust-building strategy. Your target customer knows about your business and how it operates without costing him anything.

Give customer experience of your brand

Your target customers want to use your business because they are looking for a solution to their challenges.

Giving them a free trial will give them first-hand experience with your brand in solving their problems. They will know how much value you can bring them when they start paying to use your services.

Collect customer feedback to improve your business

Since you are not the only business in the market, you need to keep offering great services to your customers.

One great way to collect feedback that you can use to improve your business is through free trials.

As your target customers use your business within the restricted time, you can run a survey to ask them what you can do to keep improving the quality of your services.

Strategies to increase free trial conversions

Provide personalized video demos

Your target customers need to know how your brand operates and how they can effectively use your services.

You need to create personalized demos that show your target customers how to use your business. This will make it easy for them to understand your business better and learn its value proposition to them.

Videos have a high engagement rate. Create high-quality video demos to guide and explain to your customer how to use your product features in solving their pain points.

Have a great landing page

You need a great copy to help you sell your business out to potential customers.

Your landing page design and sales copy will help you draw target customers to your business as 63% of brands have a challenge with lead generation.

It also helps explain to your target customers what your business is about and why they should use it in solving their challenges.

It will motivate them to take the free trial to see how your business can help them. Here is an example of the Hubspot landing page.

You should also ensure your website has high loading speeds and is mobile-friendly.

Offer live chat support

Your target customers will need guidance and support every time they are using your services.

They need someone to help them out whenever they are stuck in the shortest time possible.

That’s why it is essential to have live chat support that will help solve any difficulties along the way.

Research by Hubspot shows that 82% of customers rate immediate response as very important.

If during the free trial period they don’t get someone and guide they will leave your brand and you end up losing an opportunity to make a sale.

Run a/b tests

As you run your business you want to know what works better for your customers so you can offer it to them.

The best way to understand this is by running a/b tests for your business services.

Once you understand and offer your target customers want they need for their pain points, they are likely to convert after the free trial period.

Follow up on those who didn’t convert after free trial

Out of all the target audiences who tried your business, some will not convert. Many target customers don’t say yes at first.

Research by Invesp shows that 60% of customers say no before saying yes.

You can follow them to know why they didn’t convert. This can give you information that can help you increase your free trial marketing strategy for your brand.

You can keep engaging them, teaching them more about your brand, and draw them back to your business.

They have the potential of being your customer after all they showed interest in your business by signing up for the free trial. Following them up in the right way can help you convert them and retain them as customers for your brand.

Use email marketing to increase free trial signups

You want more people to try out your business and convert into recurrent customers for your brand.

You can use the power of email marketing to reach out to a wider audience and draw them to your business for a free trial of your services.

Ensure that you build a greater email list of your target customers to increase the chances of more target customers joining your business.

Promote your business heavily and use captivating subject lines to increase email open rates.

Oberlo’s research shows that 49% of customers love promotional emails from brands.

You can take advantage of email marketing to promote your brand to target customers and draw them to use your business free trial to learn more about it and increase conversion rates.

Run social media campaigns

You want to draw more people to your business, get them to learn more about what you offer, and convert them into customers

You can run social media campaigns to help you reach more people and draw them to your business website.

Since you have great landing pages and free trial options it will make it easy for target customers to learn about your products and some will be eager to try them out.

Simplify the signup process

Many people shy away from businesses that ask too much of them. Reducing what you ask of your target customers as they sign up for free trials can attract more people.

Asking for payment details at the time of the trial period can also shy a lot of people from your business.

Let the target audience get to know your business, the value it offers, and what’s in for them before asking for payment details.

Create high-quality content

You need to create great content to engage your target audience to your business.

Use great keywords that your target audiences are using to search for information to help solve their pain points.

78% of marketers use keywords as a technique to research their target audience and create content that they can engage with.

Also, create content that answers your target audience’s questions about your business and signing up for your business services.

Offer thought leadership content to build trust with your target audience and get them to try out your business.

Research by Demand Generation shows that 40% of buyers consume more than 3 pieces of content in their buying process.

Create different content types like blog posts, whitepapers, case studies, testimonials to engage target customers through their free trial period.

For instance, 37% of potential customers read brand online reviews as they engage with its products and services.

If they find more past and current clients trust your brand, then they are more likely to sign up for the free trial and later convert into paid customers.

Ensure you include great call-to-action to help readers take action after engaging with your content.

Offer limited time for the free trial period

Your free trial is a way of showing your target customers what you can offer them in solving their problems.

Opening doors to your business through a free trial is a great way of showing them what you can offer them.

However, you need to give your target customers a humble time to interact with your business and know it more.

Here is research by marketingcharts that shows SaaS free trial conversion rates based on the different plans.

SaaS businesses offer different free trial periods to their target customers. Others offer freemium access to their services but with limited features. Here is an example of Wistia freemium pricing.

Irrespective of what you offer ensure you give your target customers enough time to know more about your brand and what you can offer them in solving their challenges.

You should also ensure that your target customers can upgrade their free accounts to pain account with ease.

This will make it easy to join your paying customers and generate revenue for your business.


The goal of every business is to reach many target customers to help them solve their challenges while at the same time making profits for their business.

Acquiring customers is hard and offering free trials can help you get customers for your business.

Use the above strategies to increase the chances of your free trial conversions and generate more sales and revenue.

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