Your Ultimate Guide to Customer Journey Mapping Tools

Your customers walk through different buyer stages as they interact with your brand. These target customers come to your site in different ways.

They first find your website, interact with your content, build trust, and later convert into customers. You need to map out their journey to help them as they walk through the buyer stages.

To start with what is all this customer journey mapping about?

Well, it’s the process of visualizing your customers as they walk through the buyer journey stages and the experiences they have at each stage with your brand.

Importance of customer journey mapping

Now that you know what journey mapping is let’s discuss its importance to your brand.

Increases social mentions

With customer journey mapping you increase your brand social mentions. You interact more with your target customers on social sites. This increases branding and trust-building between you and your target customers.

It’s also a great way your target customers can know more about your business and how it can help them solve their pain points.

Better customer targetting

The visualization of your target customers helps you improve your customer targeting. You know the target customers that you can reach and convert into customers for your business.

You understand their pain points and knows how to solve those challenges. When you reach out to these leads, you create marketing campaigns that increase lead conversion chances.

Personalized communications

Targetting your customers helps you personalize your communications with your leads. You already know their challenges and the buyer stage level where they are.

With the information, you get from the buyer persona you can reach out to your target customers with personalized communications. This builds more trust with them and increases brand engagement.

Shorten sales cycles

Journey mapping can help you shorten the sales cycle for your brand.

You are already familiar with the different sales stages where your leads are and their pain points.

You can use that knowledge to remove any obstructions your leads experience in these different stages.

This helps them walk through these stages with ease and reduces the time they take to learn or engage with your brand at different stages of the sales funnel.

Improve customer experiences

Customers are now inclined to brands that offer the best experience. Research by Walker shows that experience is soon overtaking pricing.

The report also shows that 62% of companies are investing in understanding the customer characters to help give the best experience.

Mapping out your customer journey can help you increase their user experience with your brand.

Better customer understanding

With customer maps, you are in a position to understand your target customers better.

You can know why they need the services or products you offer and how to help them in their different challenges. Your mapping helps understand their pains.

Your customers will be more likely to advocate your brand to others. After all, you have understood them and helped them solve the pains they were experiencing.

Tools for the customer journey mapping

There are different tools you can use as you map out your customer journey. You can try these.


Griffy helps create amazing diagrams for your journey mapping process of your branding

This software can help you create diagrams and edit them. The has great features and charts that can help you in your journey mapping process.

Here are some more features you will get from this tool.

And here is how much the tool will cost you.


This tool has great products for your customer mapping plan. You can use the tool to create buyer personas for your target customers.

You can use the tool to integrate it with different data sources as you prepare your journey maps. If you want to use it here are its pricing plans.

You can visit the tool website to learn more about the pricing and its features.

Microsoft Visio

This is part of the Microsoft products. The tool helps create diagrams and flowcharts that help you journey mapping for your customers. With the tool, you can connect the flowcharts with real-time data.

You can visit their main website to learn more about the tool and also its costs.


This tool has great features that include rapid- prototyping to help create wireframes to explore your mapping ideas accurately.

The tool also has features to create great grade vector graphics. Visit their website to learn more about the tool.


This tool among its many features helps create a buyer persona. You can use the tool to create journey maps as marketers know the pain points of the customers along the journey.

 Among other features, it has stakeholders maps that help you know how the stakeholders influence your business products and services you offer. Here is the pricing structure of the tool.


With this tool, you can create different maps for your customer journey. They include service blueprints, user maps, and customer experience maps.

You can check out their website to learn more about the tool. This is its pricing structure.

IBM Journey Designer

This tool helps marketers create maps that increase customer experience. It has a great drag and drop interface where you can create maps in a short time.

You can connect with the team members as you create the journey maps to bring their experience into the process.

Visual paradigm

You can use their tool to create user stories with the help of their graphical tools. You can design your diagrams the way you want with the help of a drag and drop diagram editor. The tool’s collection of diagrams can be used for different types of businesses.

 Visit the website to learn about its different features and how they can help you in your journey mapping. Check out its pricing model and the different features included in each price package.


This tool has different features you can use for your journey mapping process. Its drag and drop feature makes it simple to create diagrams.

You can collaborate with your team as you organize your diagrams. You can get different designs and flow charts for your customer journey maps among other great features.

It has both personal and business pricing plans.

And here are its business pricing plans.


This tool is great for helping teams manage their tasks online. You can organize and track the progress of your projects with the tool.

You can collaborate with your team members, use the tool as you plan your customer journey maps. Check out how much it costs.


This tool is awesome for building teams and managing your projects and organizing them professionally. Team collaboration helps monitor the progress of the customers and how they interact with your brand.

This makes it easy to map their journey and provide the best experience that they need from your brand. Check out how the tool costs.


With this tool, you can work with your team members wherever they are. You can use the tool to design flow charts and get feedback from clients as you map out their journey. This is the cost of using the tool.


Trello is a great tool that helps organize your work projects in a great way. You can use the tool to organize projects within your team as you grow your brand. Check out the tool website for its pricing structure.


The tool helps teams to collaborate visually and in solving customer challenges. You can integrate the tool with productivity tools and apps you love. If you decide to use the tool here is the pricing structure for it.


The tool has visual boards that help keep your attention to your workflow. You can use the tool to collaborate with remote teams as you map your customer journey.

You can integrate the tool with others to increase your productivity. With the tool, you can plan your events, manage projects, and evaluate investments.

Here is its pricing structure.

Visit the tool website to learn how the different pricing packages compare and the features included in each package.


This is a great platform that can help with customer journey mapping, secure customer experience, and journey analysis for your customers.

With the tool, you can use integrated survey data, detailed contact strategies, persona development to improve customer experience.

Here are its price plans.


This tool gives the most comprehensive customer experience for your brand. You can use the text analysis feature of the tool to capture your customers’ feedback as you create the journey maps.

You can integrate the tool with all customer feedback channels. The tool can manage mentions from different channels in one place and reply to customers’ queries or issues.


With the help of the tool, you can get customer feedback from different channels as you map their journey.

The tool has a different journey mapping engagement that gives access to great services the tool offers. Visit the website to learn more about the tool and how much it costs.


You can collect customer feedback through the mobile app of the tool. As you analyze the data you can reach out to researchers for comments on the data.

You can analyze your customer journey maps with filters and tags. The customer analysis helps know the touchpoints you can improve.

If you decide to use the tool, here is the pricing model.

CFN Insight

You can easily understand your customer touchpoints and know what to improve. You can use to tool to get deeper customer insights that will help improve your brand and generate more sales.

The tool journey mapping programs help you understand the biggest churn drivers for your brand and how to fix them to retain customers. Here are the tool license options.

Tandemseven Digital Strategy Solutions

They offer a great customer journey mapping strategy to help you get to know how customers experience your brand. This helps you know their touchpoints and work on improving their experience.

The tool also helps you identify better opportunities you can use to serve your customers and build trust. Check out their website to learn more about the tool and get a quote on their pricing.


Your customer behavioral data plays an important role in mapping your customer journey. That’s why you need this tool. It helps you collect user behavior as they interact with your brand.

Once you understand your customers, it becomes much easier to map their journey and solve any challenges they encounter through the sales funnel.

You can also track important KPI metrics for your customers to help improve your products or services. Here is its pricing model if you want to use the tool.

The heap pricing model has different features per package. You can compare the packages and choose the one that suits your brand.


It’s a great customer experience platform that helps you build a better experience for your customers. You can capture your prospects’ attention as you interact with them through the buyer stages.

As a way to improve your customer experience, you can use the tool to automate your business processes and improve your clients’ satisfaction. Visit their pricing page to know how much the tool costs.


You can use the touchpoint tool to create your own customer journey mapping template. Its drag and drop feature helps you as you create your journey map.

Collaborate with different teams wherever they are. You can manage your projects and also share them with your team.

As you build your journey maps you can add touchpoints to the templates you create. To get a quote of their price, visit their site.


The tool helps design an amazing journey map that is personalized. It connects triggers, actions, and customer conditions at different buyer stages.

You can integrate the tool with other tools to help you as you create and map your customer journey to improve their experience with your brand.

Check out its pricing costs here.


The tool makes it easy to map your customer journey by providing all the channels your customers use to interact with the brand.

You can capture the voice of your customers and get feedback that helps you know where to improve your business for your customers. It has a wizard to simplify the map creation process.

Visit the mapovate website to know more about the tool and learn its pricing model.


Competition for the market is increasing every day. You need to give your customers a great digital experience as part of winning them to your business.

This tool helps you accomplish that. You also get your customer experience at every stage to improve your product or services to your customers.

The tool offers amazing tools to give the best experience and grow your brand conversions and sales. You can learn more about the tool and what it can do for you and also its cost.


One of the best journey mapping tool you need for your brand

Once you know how your clients interact with your brand, it makes it easy to know how to help them satisfy their pains.

This tool helps you analyze your customer interaction with your brand and identify their touchpoints. Here is its cost structure.


You need collaboration for your customer journey mapping strategy. That’s why you need a tool like Wrike.

It’s a product management software to help with transparency, accountability, and communication among teams.

You can integrate the tool with other apps, create reports to monitor how your team is performing and the development of the journey maps. Here is the available plan’s pricing for this tool.


You can use the tool to brainstorm ideas and create mind maps for your projects.

It offers a variety of business charts for your mapping process. These include logic charts, fishbone charts, and org charts.

It has a great interface for both mobile and desktop devices. You can visit this page for the pricing information of the software.


To effectively map out your customer journey you need the right tools. The above tools will help you map your customer journey, engage your clients in your business, build their trust, and increase conversions.

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