How to Use Content Marketing to Increase Your Sales

Have you been wondering how to get a new client for your business? Have you thought about using content marketing?

It’s an awesome way to grow your brand. Many brands use content to attract, engage, build trust, and convert leads into clients.

To build trust with your target market and convert them into clients, you have to walk them through the buyer journey stages. As a business, ensure you create great content to help them through every stage.

different types of content you can create for content marketing campaings in the sales funnel

You have to know your target clients so you can create content that resonates with them. Content that educates and guides them as you build trust with them. Understand their pain points and give them content that helps them trust you and buy from your business.

Are you ready to learn how to use the content for increased sales? Here we go.

Create high-quality content

Potential clients start their online search for possible solutions to their challenges with Google. They search for content that talks about their challenges and shows steps on how they can solve them or offers products or services to solve them. As a brand, ensure you create high-quality content for your website.

As potential clients read your website content they engage with your business. This gives you a better chance to build trust with them, nurture them, and later convert them into clients.

To increase engagement, ensure you use short sentences and paragraphs. Your content should include links for more information, screenshots, or images to capture the lead’s attention.

Your content headline also plays a major role in your content marketing. Ensure your headline is captivating to attract readers to your content.

I run this article headline on the CoSchedule headline analyzer and I got this

With this length analysis for the headline.

Writing great headlines will attract readers to your content, increase engagement with your website, and chances of converting into clients.

Optimize content for increased traffic

You don’t just want to write content, but content that increases traffic to your website. To increase this traffic you have to use keywords your target clients use when searching for content. There are different tools you can use to generate keywords for your content.

In addition to the main keywords you use, you can use secondary keywords for your content. A great tool to help you generate secondary keywords. For example, I used the tool to search secondary keywords I can use if I used my primary keyword as “content marketing”

And here is what I got.

You can use these keywords within the content to improve your search rankings.

Promote your content

Increasing your brand awareness to increase brand sales with content marketing does not just end with publishing your content.

You have to promote your content on different channels. Once you publish your content on your website, share it across your social media channels. Engage with readers who read, like, and share your content.

You can also use LinkedIn pulse to create and publish content. As always, your content should be educative and target potential clients’ touchpoints and how to solve them.

Guest posting is also a great way to promote your content and increase backlinks to your website. You can visit high-quality sites in your niches and write high-quality content in exchange for an author bio.

Create video content

Many brands have now turned to video marketing to reach target clients and engage them in their brands. They are producing more videos for their brand marketing than ever. Wyzowl researched video marketing ROI and found out that:

This shows that video content can greatly help you grow your leads, increase conversion, and sales. Research by Smart Insights shows that video has the highest ROI for social media campaigns.

statistics on ROI for videos and other content types in the content marketing campaigns

Ensure that your video is engaging and educational. It should also be short, videos of up to two minutes long have high engagement.

You can also add a video to your landing page. Research by Unbounce shows that videos can boost your conversions by up to 80%. Here is an example of video demos for the Salesforce website.

In addition to videos, ensure your website loads fast and has a beautiful design to attract readers. Potential clients will leave your website if it has slow loading speeds.

Engage your readers to your content

You are creating high-quality content that your readers love. To increase engagement, encourage them to comment and share your blog content.

Personally engage these readers by replying to their comments. Provide more in-depth information that will help them learn more about your brand.

Sometimes you can use the readers’ feedback to create content that helps you answer their unique questions. This is a great way to build more trust with your readers as you nurture and engage them in your business.

To keep the readers coming back, offer them a free lead magnet, and add them to your email subscriber list. Once you publish a new post you will notify them and keep increasing the engagement rate as you build more trust with them.

Create a testimonial page on your website

You want to create content to draw people to your website, make them trust you, and convert them into clients, right?

Well, you can create a testimonial page on your site. You can also use case studies. Use highly searchable keywords on your testimonial page.

When potential clients reach your website and find testimonials of other people who used your services and we’re happy, they will trust your business.

Here is an example of testimonials from my business website.

Use an appealing call to action ( CTAs)

Your content should help your target clients and drive them to take specific actions with your brand. To make it easy for them to act include an appealing CTA to capture the attention of your readers. Here is an example of a Google ad posted on Facebook with a great CTA.

Your most important pages on the website should have content that directs the target audience to act and what to do.

Here is another example of the Shopify landing page which has great a sales copy with a CTA to help potential clients take action.

Map out your customer journey

Your target clients have different pain points. You want to know exactly where your target audiences are in their sales cycle. Mapping out your customer journey helps keep them in mind at every stage.

There are different tools for customer journey mapping that you can select from. Journey mapping helps you give your target clients the best experience, attract them to your brand, and convert them.

Create content consistently

As you build trust with your target readers, they will be visiting your website for new fresh content now and then. To keep them updated, nurture them, and sell your products or services, you need to create content consistently.

Creating content consistently also helps with search rankings. Research by SerpIQ shows that content of over 2,000 words ranks high on search engines.

Ensure your content is in-depth with great actionable information. Make your content readable and easy to consume.

Grow your email list

Email marketing is a great way to promote your business to target customers, increase your sales and revenue. It also has a high return on investment for businesses that use it.

Research by statists shows email users are increasing each day and the projections could reach 4.4 billion users by 2024.

the power of content marketing through use of emails

You can use the power of email marketing to increase brand awareness, generate leads, nurture them, and convert them into clients.

As you run your email campaigns, ensure you personalize them for each contact you sent out. Your subject lines should be attractive to capture the attention of the reader to increase email open and engagement rates.

Create a buyer persona

You need to define your ideal client before you start marketing to them. A buyer persona helps you define your target client. You know the problems they are facing, and how you can help them solve the problems.

The content persona helps you know the right marketing content that you need to create for your potential clients and engage them in the different buyer stages.

Target audiences go to Google to search for solutions to their pain points. Guiding them through the way to solve that problem helps you engage them with your brand. This makes it a way to build a relationship with them and make the process of converting them into clients easy.

Use webinars

You can use webinars to reach your target clients, teach them about your services or products, and increase their conversion chances.

Research by Content Marketing Institute shows that 43% of brands use webinars to promote their products or services

Through webinars, you can answer questions from your target audience. This helps clear their doubts about your products or services and increase conversion rates. It increases user engagement to learn more about your brand and what you can do for them.

You can partner with other brands to promote your webinar. Using the email list from both brands increases the chances of reaching more target clients with your webinars and engaging with them.

If you decide to use webinars for content marketing, reach out to your prospects and promote your webinars on Wednesday.

It is the day that most people engage with the webinar according to BrightTALK research with 23% more engagement. They are more likely to register for your webinars.

best day to promote webinars for content marketing campaigns

The same research also shows that Thursdays are the best days to present your webinars to your target clients. Choose the best webinar platform to present your webinar, increase engagement, and convert leads into clients.

Create content in different formats

There are different types of content you can create on your website and social media sites. Since your target clients engage with your brand through content marketing.

These types of content include:

  1. video content
  2. blog content
  3. whitepapers
  4. case studies
  5. E-books
  6. templates and checklists
  7. reports
  8. Infographics
  9. slideshares/ PowerPoint presentations
  10. Website testimonials

All these types of content help engage your target clients in the different stages of the buyer journey.

Create product tutorials

Before target clients engage and buy your products or services, they need to first be sure your products will help them.

One great way to educate these target clients, present the value your products have in helping them solve their challenges is through product tutorials.

You can create tutorials that will guide your clients on how to use your products, how the products will help them, and why they need your business products.

If you are running a SaaS business, you need to onboard your new customers in the best way and give them a great experience with your brand. Once your target readers see the value of your products or services they will be more likely to buy them.


Content marketing is a great and cheap way to increase your brand sales through lead generation, trust-building, nurturing, and lead conversion.

As a marketer, ensure you create amazing content that helps you achieve your business goals, grow your business, make more sales, and increase your ROI. What are the ways you use content to increase sales leave your comments?

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