Great Inbound Marketing Strategies to Grow Your SaaS Business

Every day online businesses are making efforts to grow and reach their target customers.

To offer the best of their products or services, win customer trust, and make them retain them for a long time. To get the best clients you need the right marketing strategies for your brand.

This article will shine a light on inbound marketing, one of the great ways to reach customers and win them to your business.

What is inbound marketing?

But, you may be asking yourself what is inbound marketing? Well, this is a business marketing method that businesses use to attract, engage, and convert target customers by offering useful content to them. Here is a simple definition of inbound marketing by Hubspot.

Benefits of inbound marketing

It’s cost-effective

Compared to other marketing methods, inbound marketing is cheap. All you need to do is create useful content for your target customers and show it to them.

Here is a simple formula by Optinmonster you can use to calculate content marketing ROI.

Research by Invesp shows that inbound leads cost 61% less than outbound leads.

Generates relevant leads

You already know your target customers and the problems they are dealing with. So with the help of inbound marketing, you create content that suites them and attracts those target customers to your business.

These target customers you attract have a high potential to engage with your brand and convert.

They reach your website because you offer amazing content that can help them solve their pains.

Build customer trust

The trust element is very essential to target customers. They feel comfortable with a brand they feel they can trust and buy from it.

Inbound marketing can help you earn that trust from your potential customers.

When you create content that resonates with your target audience and helps them understand and solve their challenges, you earn that trust.

Increase lead conversion

Your content draws target customers to your business. However, they will not just jump and make a sale the moment they reach your website.

Since you create and post useful content, the target audience will first interact with the content. It will give them more reasons to believe in your business and use it.

Once they are fully convinced, they are more likely to convert into customers. After all, 74% of brands say that converting leads into customers is their top priority.

Increased lead conversion will help make more sales and generate great profits and revenue for your business.

Generate traffic

To make sales of your product or services you need the traffic to your website. Your inbound marketing strategies will help you put your business at top of the search engines and draw more traffic to your website.

Build a brand reputation

Brand reputation matters for your online business growth. Greate inbound marketing can help you build your reputation and grow your business.

Putting out content that target customers love, and supporting it with facts and data is a great way to build your reputation.

You can publish content on other high-quality blogs that your target customers read.

When target customers read the content you publish on authority brands it helps you build a great reputation with your target customers.

Build customer relationship

Great relationships can lead to repeat sales and increased revenue. Inbound marketing can help build your customer relationship and make your customers loyal fans of your brand.

You create content that provides target customers with the right information. It enlightens them about your products or services and they help solve challenges and that is the start point for great customer relations.

Here are some research results that support great customer service for brands.

You also provide content to guide and show them how to use your products or services in solving their pain points.

Help nurture leads into customers

Some customers are not easily convinced. With the help of inbound marketing, you can nurture those leads and finally convert them into customers.

You offer amazing content to show them your value proposition and the benefits they get from your brand in solving their pains.

With time they see how amazing your brand is and convert into customers and repeat customers for your products or services that you offer.

Essentials of effective inbound marketing strategy

High-quality content

Your marketing content should be of high quality, with actionable tips your target customers can use to solve their problems.

Google loves content that is long and with in-depth information for high ranking on search engines.

Research by Orbit Media shows that content with 2000+ words has strong results on the search engines.

Email marketing

Some target customers will give you their contact deals as they engage with your brand.

With your email list, you can use email marketing to reach out to your target customers.

You can keep in contact with your prospective customers as you nurture them, build trust with them, and convert them into customers.

For example, here is an email I received from Yoast as I’m part of their email list.

Email marketing as a part of inbound marketing can help update your customers about the products or services that will help keep solving their challenges.

There are different tools to use. Here are the best email marketing tools you can use for your email marketing campaigns as you nurture your target customers.


You can organize and run webinars for your brand marketing. Get as many target customers as possible to register for your webinars.

Content marketing institute shows that 43% of marketers use webinars as part of their inbound marketing strategy.

Ensure the topic of the webinar is interesting to keep people engaged with your presentation to the end.

Provide a great call-to-action to help target customers take action at the end of the webinar and also use the best platforms to host your webinars.

When used in the right way, webinars are a great inbound marketing plan that can lead to high conversion rates for your brand.

Search engine optimization

Optimizing your content for search engines is one of the top essentials for inbound marketing.

Hubspot research shows that 63.57% of shows companies actively invest in search engine optimization for their businesses.

It is important to have the right keywords before you start creating content. Ensure your keywords are optimized for search engines.

Your top keywords should be the ones target customers mostly use to search for information on search engines.

Also, ensure your content has great headlines to attract target customers to your content.

Social media marketing

Brands mostly used social platforms to connect, engage, and attract leads to their business.

It’s one of the great ways to use inbound marketing to grow online businesses. Research by Statista shows that 86% of brands use social media marketing to increase their brand awareness.

Your target customers prefer some platforms more than others. Identify your best social media platforms where your target customers hang out.

Post content that is tailored to them. Ensure your content is useful and engaging to draw them to your business website.

Use influencer marketing

Target customers trust authoritative brands and leaders. As part of your inbound marketing, you can use influencer marketing to draw target customers to your business. You can use influencers to recommend your brand to target customers.

Team up with influencers in your niche, publish content to promote your brand gain target customer’s trust, and engage them in your brand.

Target customers will trust your business when an influencer recommends it or gives a review of its products or services.

Well designed website/ mobile friendly

Your inbound marketing efforts to draw target customers to your business.

You want to ensure once they reach the website they will engage with it, learn more about you and your business.

Well, the design of your website plays a big role in engaging your target customers.

It gives them a great user experience which is exactly what target customers need to engage with a brand.

You need a well-designed website that is mobile-friendly to keep target customers engaged.

Have a captivating CTA

You need to give your target audience a direction to follow, a way to take action when they engage with your brand.

After all, you just don’t want to target customers to learn about your business but also to take action that will lead to sales.

Include an attractive CTA that will draw target customers and lead them to take action with your brand.

Many marketers fail to convert leads into customers because they lack clear call-to-action.

Guest post on other sites

Guest posts are one of the best inbound marketing strategies for brands. It helps you reach more target customers and draw them with your content to your business website.

It’s also a great way to receive backlinks to your website which increases search rankings and helps your website reach more target customers.

It is essential to post on websites with high domain authority to increase search rankings for your website.

Have goals for your inbound marketing

You just don’t want to publish content without any organized plan for your business growth, right?

Sure, that’s why you need to have a plan for your inbound marketing. Keep on measuring your goal as you promote your business with your inbound marketing strategies.

It will help you know how your marketing is performing and how to improve it to reach your business objectives.

Have great landing pages

Landing pages are the best pages for your business website. They help educate and convince target customers to use your business products or services.

Your landing pages should delight, educate, and convince target customers to buy your products or services. That’s why they are a very important part of your inbound marketing strategy.

Use great opt-in forms to collect customer details and help you nurture them through email marketing. Here is the lead capture landing page form for HubSpot.

Run paid ads (PPC)

Pay-per-click ads are a great way to reach out to target customers who are looking for solutions to their challenges that you can offer. Here are some interesting stats on pay-per-click ads.

You attract them to your brand, engage them to show them the value you can offer, and close them as customers.


Growing and marketing your business is hard, it required hard work and determination.

A great inbound marketing strategy can help scale your business, reach a large number of target customers, and convert them for your business.

Use the different inbound strategies above to increase your brand awareness, reach target customers, and close them for increased sales and revenue.

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