How to Write High-Quality Ad Copy for Your Marketing Campaigns

Brands use different ways to draw target customers to their brand, engage, and convert them into customers.

One great way to reach customers is through running paid ads. In this article, we will discuss how to write great-quality ads that are effective at helping brands in their marketing campaigns.

Importance of ad copy

Increase brand awareness

Ad copy helps brands reach more target customers who don’t know about their brand.

 It helps them know about the business that can help them solve their pain points.

Target customers get to know more about the brand, their offers, and the value they bring to them in solving their pain points.

Increase traffic to your website

Ad copy has a call-to-action button where target customers can click through to the brand website.

When more target customers see the ads, they are more likely to click through to the website and increase traffic to the brand site and help brands generate leads.

Social media sites are a great way for many brands use to distribute content and draw traffic.

Research by the content marketing institute shows that 83% of marketers use social media advertising to promote content and increase their traffic.

The target customers get to interact with your business, learn more about its products or services, and the value it can bring them to solve their problems.

Increase conversions and sales

Most of the people who click through the ads are people searching for solutions to their problems.

They are in search of brands that can help them through their tough challenges.

When they visit the website, they engage with the brand’s products or services.

After visiting different landing pages and reading about others who used the business, they convert into customers, buy and increase brand sales.

Have a high ROI

Ad copy has a high marketing return on investment. Brands spend just a small amount of money on their advertising campaigns and get more customers buying from them.

It is one of the best ways brands can market their products or services to target customers at a low budget and make huge profits that help their business revenue growth.

Catch customer attention

Target customer attention gets drawn to a brand that uses ad copies as part of its marketing plan.

The best ad copies that address target customer pains and focus on providing the best solutions to their pain points perform better.

They easily get the customer’s attention, draw them to their business and engage them which later leads to more conversions, sales, and profits.

Be ahead of your competitors

Running ad copies helps brands stay at top of their competitors. You are all chasing the same customers and want to sell them the same services or products.

Running ads can help your target customer get to know your brand and what you offer ahead of your competitors.

You show them what you offer, gain their trust, and make them your customers before your competitors beat you in the market.

Tips for writing converting ad copy

Research your target market

You don’t just want to write ad copies, but ones that target your specific customers.

It is important to do thorough research on your target customers. Understand where they are coming from, their pains and fears.

Research by databox shows that audience targeting is the most important element of effective copy.

Researching your customers helps you create ad copies that speak directly to them.

When they see the ad copy, they are more likely to click it as it addresses their concerns.

Run A/B tests for your ad copy

You can create different variables of your ad copy and place it on different channels.

Collect the data and see the type of ads that perform better in the market. Those are the types of ads your target customers need.

Create more ads that align with your customer needs and increase your marketing efforts to reach more target customers and draw them to your business.

Running a/b tests on ads can help your marketing campaigns and increase your ad performance that leads to more conversion and profits. Running a/b tests requires time and also avoid these mistakes in the process.

Have a compelling offer

Including a great offer on your ads can increase the engagement rates of your ad copy and lead to conversions.

Remember those target customers are out there searching for help with their challenges.

Offering them what they are searching for can lead them to your brand and convince them to buy from your business.

Keep it short and attractive

Customer attention is limited and creating long and complicated ad copies will be a waste of time and resources.

Ensure your ads are short, attractive, and catch reader attention. Use words that your target customers understand.

Hard and great words will not make you look smart but will shy away from your target customers and lose a chance to engage and convert them.

Use captivating headlines

Great headlines attract target customers to click your ads. Use headlines that capture your target customer’s attention and impress them to click your ads.

You can include statistics on your headlines or numbers to engage target customers in your ads.

These data should be related to the greatest pain points that they want to solve and are searching for solutions.

Use attractive images

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Use catchy images on your ads that help pass your message to target customers.

Images will help draw customer attention to your ads and prompt them to click on your website where they can learn more about your products or services.

Use questions to increase engagement

Questions help increase engagement with target customers. As you create your ads consider them to increase user engagement. Here is an example of the Outreach brand.

You can also create your headlines in form of a question that aligns with the solutions your customers are searching for.

Use social proof

Trust is essential for any customer relationship in marketing. As you run your ads ensure you use social proof to gain target customer trust in your brand.

Things like customer testimonials can increase your customer trust as customers trust other people who used your business more.

Use great CTA’s

Your ultimate goal is for your target customers to take action, engage with your brand, and probably convert and buy something from your business.

Your call to action is a great facilitator for this. It is essential to ensure your CTA is effective and attractive to lead target customers to take action.

Also, ensure your lead actions take them to your high-quality landing pages on your website.

 They will help simplify the trust-building process and target customer conversions that lead to more sales for the business. Here is an example of a Google ad on Facebook.

Address customers in different stages

The target customers that you want to reach are in different stages in their journey with your brand.

As you create your ads, ensure you consider your different buyer stages and address your target customers in their different stages.

Different tools can help you map out your customer journey to make it easy to understand your customer situation and address it in the right way.

Tips to improve your ad copy performance

Optimize for mobile use

Many people are using mobile devices for their online searches. It is essential to ensure your business website is optimized for mobile searches.

Research by Hootsuite shows there are more than 5.2 billion unique mobile users.

Target customers should be able to access your website on their devices with ease.

You lose a big opportunity to engage and close in customers if they can’t have a great user experience with your brand on their mobile devices.

Use different marketing channels

You already know your target customers and their pains. Create ad copy and use the best marketing channels to promote it.

You can test with different channels analyze them and concentrate on where your target customers mostly hang out.

For instance, if you target B2B customers, LinkedIn is a great place to promote your ads.

Track your ads

You need to know how your ads are performing so you can improve and increase the conversion rates of target customers.

You can track your ads as you run your marketing campaigns. This will help you collect data and insights that can help your ad copy be more relevant to target customers and easily grow your client base.

Use Google display networks

As your target customers search and engage with the sites they love, google display networks can help reach your target customers by displaying ads on those sites.

This method is much cheaper and you can reach many target customers to increase chances to convert them into customers.

Pass your message clearly

If your target customers struggle to get your message your ads will not do better.

You may place it in different best-performing sites but still, that will not make much of an impact.

Your target customers should get your message in an instant the moment they view your ads. That’s why your ad copy message your be very clear.

Create a sense of urgency in your ad copy

You need your target customers to act and the best way is to create urgency in your ad copy.

There are different ways to make your ad copy urgent. You can include a great offer that is time-limited. Let’s say for example you give them 70% off the price offer in two days.

Here is an example of the great offer for Ubbersuggest by Neil Patel but it’s for a limited time.

If they don’t move in and do something they lose the chance to buy a great product at such a high discount.

Place your ad copy in the right position

You can have a great ad copy with the potential to drive a lot of target customers and convert them.

However, if the ad copy is not placed in the right position, you will not effectively see great ROI for the ads.

That’s why it is essential to place the ads at the top of the pages where more target customers can easily see them.

You can also place them on the right-hand side of your pages.

How to get ad copy ideas

Remember your main goal of ad copy is to reach out to as many target customers as possible, draw them to your brand, engage, and convert them into customers. So here are some sources where you can get ideas for your ad copy.

Online advertising sites

You can get lots of ideas from these sites that can help create your creative ads.

From these websites, you can learn more about the latest news and trends in advertising that you can apply to your business marketing campaigns through ad copy.

Run customer surveys

Your existing customers can give you tips and insights about the right kind of ads you can use.

Run a survey and ask them some relevant questions regarding their pain points and the solutions you provide in solving them.

Your target customers have the same problems as the customers you already have.

The feedback from the surveys will help you get insights and ideas that perfectly match the prospective customers out there.

See what your competitors are doing

Since you are hunting for the same prospective customers as your competitors, you can check out what they are doing.

How are their ads performing and driving conversions for their business? Your competitor analysis for their ad copy.

There are different tools you can use to help you in gathering information that can help improve your ad campaign.

Ask your team for ideas

Your marketing team can have great ideas for your ad copy. You can ask the team to give ideas you can use for your ad campaign marketing.

Check the latest trends in the market

Reading marketing and business news can give you some ideas you can use for your ads.

As the customer needs a shift in the new market these new changes will be published by different researchers.

You can take advantage of them, know where the market is heading, and the changing needs for customers.

From there you can create ad copy that addresses the new needs, provide more solutions for those new needs, and draw leads and convert them into customers.


Ads campaigns are a great way to reach target customers and engage with them and build trust that leads to conversions and sales.

To see great results with the ads, you have to make sure your ad copy is great and captivating.

These tips will help you get the ideas of the right kind of ads so you can leverage them and increase your brand marketing results.

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