The Ultimate Guide to Running Successful YouTube Ads: Boost Your Online Visibility and Drive Incredible Results

Youtube is one of the most visited social sites. This is supported by Statista research that shows that the site is among the top social sites.

To reach more target customers you can take advantage of the site and run youtube ads for your brand marketing.

Another research by Statista shows that brands are generating more revenue through their youtube advertising.

In this article, you will learn more about youtube ads, metrics you can track, and the different types of youtube ads you can create.

Importance of running youtube ads

Stay competitive in the market

Brands are competing for customers and more are being created each day. As a business, you need to use all the strategies you can to stay ahead of your competition.

One great way is to use youtube ads. Since most people engage with video content you can easily draw target customers to your business and convert them into customers.

Increase brand awareness

You could be offering the best services or products. However, if target customers don’t know or recognize your brand it will be difficult to reach them.

With the help of youtube ads, you can reach more target customers, let them know about your business, and how it can help them.

This will draw more potential customers to your brand and increase conversion rates.

Update customers of your products or services

To retain customers and keep offering them your services or products you have to make upgrades.

These help you add more features that will help target customers solve their pain points.

You can use youtube ads to reach out to these customers and give them updates of your business.

Generate new customers

To grow your business, make sales, and generate revenue you new more customers.

Youtube ads can help you reach those new customers, draw them to your brand, and convert them into customers.

Generating new customers is hard. Using youtube advertising helps you market your brand since more customers engage with video content.

User engagement

To earn target customers’ trust you need to engage them in your brand. You have to show them what your business is all about and how it can help them solve their pain points.

Using youtube ads can help you draw your target customers to your business, engage them, build trust, and increase conversion rates.

Help launch a new product or service

Customers’ product preferences change with time. To accommodate these changes you will need to add products or services to your business from time to time that will match those preferences.

When you launch new products in the market, you can use youtube ads to reach your target customers, let them know about your new product or service.

Tips to create great youtube ads

Keep them short

Your ads should be short while conveying your message in a clear way. Since the concentration span of a human is short, it will help increase engagement and your desired results.

Include great CTA

You just don’t want your target audience to see your ads, but also take action. To make this effective you need to give them a direction.

Show target customers what to do when they finish viewing your youtube ads.

A great call-to-action will make it easy for the target audience to take action and engage your brand.

If you don’t create compelling action it will be difficult for target customers to take action. They will watch your ads then leave.

Capture target customer attention

To increase the effectiveness of the youtube ads you have to capture your customer attention.

The start point is to know your customers. This will help you better create ads that resonate with them to capture their attention.

This increases their engagement with your ads, draw them to your business where they learn more about what you offer and how it helps them.

Use keywords that rank

Since you already know your customers and their pain points you know the keywords that they use to search for solutions to those pains.

Align your ads to those keywords to help reach those target customers through your ads.

Run A/B tests

You need to create ads that have high conversion rates for your brand marketing.

To help you know the right ads and ones that will help you achieve your marketing goals you can run a/b test but ensure you avoid these mistakes as you run your a/b tests.

These tests are very important as they help you know what your target customers want and the market size is growing rapidly.

Create different ads and run them simultaneously to see ones that convert better. Then use them to market your brand services or products.

Optimize your landing pages

Your ads will direct target customers to your business website. That’s why you need great landing pages that have fast loading speeds and responsive website design.

If target customers reach your site and they can’t get what they are looking for in a short time they will leave to join your competitors.

Make it easy for target customers to navigate your website. Create great landing pages and use the compelling copy for your pages.

Your marketing efforts creating great youtube ads will be fruitless if your target leads can’t convert from your website.

Have goals for your youtube ads

Do you want to run your ads blindly? I guess not. You need to have a goal for every youtube ad you create.

This will help you be focused on your marketing, evaluate the success of your ads, and improve your business marketing.

Metrics to track for your youtube ads campaigns

Watch time

Target customers will spend more time watching great ads and engaging with them.

Tracking how long target customers watch your ads will help know how effective they are at marketing your brand.

If target customer have a low watch time or they are mostly skipping through your ads, you have to adjust your ads and create more engaging ones.

Conversion rates

Your youtube ads are part of your brand marketing. You can track your business conversions from your ads marketing.

High conversion rates show that target customers get your youtube ads message, engage with your business, and convert.


You are promoting ads so that more target customers can see them and be drawn to your business.

That’s why you need to consider views as one of your metrics to gauge the performance of your ads.

A high number of views indicate that more people are interested in your message and increase engagement chances with your brand.


You need to calculate how much you pay for your ads. This metric helps you know how much it costs you when someone views your ad. It can be the whole ad or at least 30 seconds of view.

You can compare this metric with the conversions you get from your ads to measure your ad ROI.

Earned actions

For every ad, you put out you want your target customers to take action and do something.

This can include signing up for your newsletter, visiting your website, or making a purchase.

You can track the actions that your target audiences take when they watch your videos.

When your youtube ads receive many earned actions it’s a good signal for your marketing as more engagement can lead to conversions and increased sales.

Video viewership

Your target customers will watch and engage with your ads differently. There are those who will watch the ads to the end while others will not watch to completion.

You can measure the video viewership of your ads in percentage. For example, 25% of viewership shows that the target audience watched 25% of the youtube ads.

If your call to action is at the end of the video then they will not get a chance to convert.

This metric helps you create compelling and attractive youtube ads that increase viewership time and chances for the target audience to take action.

Types of youtube ads to create

Bumper instream ads

These are ads that appear before a person starts watching a video. They are non-skippable and short for about six seconds. Below is an example of these types of youtube ads.

These ads run on a cost-per-impression and are charged per 1000 impressions.

Since these youtube ads are short and uninterruptible, it is essential to ensure that they engage and deliver their intended message within the time gap.

Focus on one single objective to ensure you deliver the message in a great way within those six seconds.

Also, include a compelling call-to-action to increase engagement and conversion chances.

Preroll ads

They are unskippable ads and can play before you start watching the main video, as you watch the video or close to the end of the video.

These are a little bit longer than bumper ads and can take up to 20 seconds. Many brands use these types of ads for their top of funnel marketing.

They help increase brand awareness and draw more target customers to their business website.

Research contacted by YuMe and IPG Media Lab shows that 55% of markers say they are engaging and informative.

engagement stats for preroll youtube ads

Trueview ads

Brands that use this type of ads are charged based on how the target audience engages with the ads. These ads are of two types.

Video discovery ads

These types of ads run on the youtube search page, the watch page, or the home page.

different places for your featuring trueview types of youtube ads

They have an image thumbnail, a short description, and a headline. Here is an example.

great example of trueview youtube ads for your brand marketing

In-stream ads

These ads display before you can start watching videos on youtube. They run for some seconds and then you are given an option to skip through them if you are not interested.

You can also still watch them to the end and engage with business advertising.

As a marketer, you pay for the ads if your target customers keep watching the videos for at least 30 seconds or to the end of the ads.

Sponsored card ads

These ads display videos that are relevant to what you are watching on youtube.

The ads show a card teaser for a few seconds. If you want to access the ads you can click the teaser.


Youtube ads are an awesome way to reach your target customers, engage them on your website, and convert them.

Since you know your customers and their pain points, choose the best type of ads to reach them, and earn their trust.

Use the tips from the article to create the best youtube ads, the right type, and also track metrics for increase conversion, sales, and revenue growth.

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