Marketing Funnel Strategy to Increase Conversions and Sales

As a brand you need a strategy to attract your target customers to your business, let them know more about your business, and how it can help them and convert them into customers.

Your customers will not come to your business and buy naturally from you.

In this article, you will learn more about the marketing funnel. How you can win the trust of target customers and convert them into customers.

What is a marketing funnel?

To start with, we can define what a marketing funnel is. It is the process brands use to attract target customers to their business and convert them into customers.

They show them how their business can help them solve their pains, win their trust, and convert them into customers. Here is how the funnel looks like.

Importance of marketing funnel

Help you plan your marketing

You have your business products or services and your target customers are out there.

They even don’t know about your business and how you can help them. Some know the challenges they have and others have no idea they have problems.

With a great strategy for your marketing funnel, it can help you know how to market your business.

You can plan your marketing well to reach target customers to attract them to your business can convert them.

As you plan your marketing it is essential to know the right content types that are suitable for each buyer stage.

You can easily engage your target customers at their buyer stage they are, build more trust, and convert them.

Simplify customer journey

The different stages of the customer journey help draw customers closer to buying from your business.

With a marketing funnel, you can easily know the stage where customers are most and provide the right information they need to understand your brand.

If they get stuck in a certain stage you can improve it and help them through the funnel towards the last stage so they can purchase something.

It helps simplify your customers’ journey so they can reach the final stage and convert without taking too much time.

Connect with your customers

This is mostly on the first stage of the marketing funnel, The awareness stage.

Most target customers whom you can solve their pains don’t know about your business.

With a great marketing funnel plan, you can easily connect with your customers and draw them to your business.

Offer great awesome information on your website that they can consume and engage with as they search for solutions to their challenges.

Stages in the marketing funnel

Now that you know what marketing funnel is and why it is important, let’s learn more about its different stages.

Awareness stage

This is the first stage of the marketing funnel. It’s all about creating awareness of your brand to target customers who may be looking for you.

Customers have different challenges they need help with and they start their search in different places.

Some use Google, others use comments or posts on social media sites. Research by Statista shows that Google has a larger market share compared to any other site.

All of this in an attempt to find a brand they can connect and buy products or services from. The awareness stage help put yourself before your target customers.

When target customers search for information on Google or any other place you are supposed to be the answer to their questions.

You can create high-quality blog posts with the information those target customers are searching for and post them on your website.

Use the right keywords your target customers use in their search and optimize the content for high ranking.

Also, use keywords that have a high potential to rank and have high search volumes.

Research by Ahrefs shows that 92.42% of keywords have less than 10 monthly search volumes.

If your keywords don’t have high search volumes or are very competitive your content will be hard to rank on search engines.

To increase your brand awareness, you can join groups on social media and be helpful. Comment and ask questions that relate to your customer challenges.

Show your expertise to your target customers to build trust with them and attract them to your business.

You can also run ads to catch the attention of target customers as they search for solutions to their pains.

There are other different things you can do to increase your brand awareness.

Interest stage

You have put your business out to target customers and some leads get attracted to you.

They have shown interest in your business and want to learn more about your business.

In this marketing stage, you want to provide these leads with all the information they need to learn about your business.

How it can help them solve their problems. You show your target customers your business value proposition.

This is a very delicate stage in the marketing funnel. It’s the make or break stage in your buyer journey.

You need to show these target customers how valuable your business in solving their problems.

You can use the power of testimonials and reviews to build trust with these target customers.

Bright local research shows that 32% of target customers after reading positive reviews about a brand visit their website.

Use anything to get these target customers to trust you and your business services or products.

Have great landing pages that provide an in-depth guide to your target customers and also have captivating call-to-action

Consideration stage

Even after gaining trust with your target customer, most of them don’t just automatically move to the next stage of the marketing funnel.

These target customers will keep researching and learn more about your business. They want to fully be comfortable buying from you and knowing that you are the best business they can work with.

They compare different aspects of your business such as the features of your services or your prices.

That’s why it is important to offer the best features or products and avail them at the right market price.

At this stage, you can partly open your business doors to these prospective customers so that they can see first hand your business in action.

For example, if you are running SaaS business you can offer a free trial to your customers.

This increases the chances of these prospective customers converting after the trial period.

You can have great products or services but if you price them too high, those target customers will not use them, they will go with your competitors.

Conversion stage

Your prospective customers have to build a great relationship with you and your business and they want to buy from you.

They have compared different options and checked out your competitors and have made their final decision to buy from your business

In this stage, it is important to make the buying process simple. Long and complicated processes can affect your lead conversion and some may leave your business to your competitors.

You have to give these target customers a reason why they should use your business products or services and not your competitors.


After your leads have converted and bought your products or services, they will keep using them.

They start seeing how your business is changing their lives and helping with their pain points.

They become loyal customers and keep using your business products or services. Loyalty points are a great part of increasing customer loyalty.

Research by emarketer shows that 58.5% of customers enjoy great shopping experience with loyalty points.

To your business, you keep making sales and growing your business revenue and get to keep these customers for a long time to increase customer lifetime value.


After using your business products or services for some time your customers will start telling others about your business. They become your brand advocates.

This increases your chances of getting new customers. When target customers get referred to your business they are more likely to convert.

These customers keep using your business services and increase sales and profits.


Your target customers who can use your business services or products are out there.

Having a great strategy to attract, engage, and convert them into customers can help you grow your business sales and profits.

You need to have great marketing funnel to make your brand marketing easy as you grow your customer base.

Maximize every stage of the marketing funnel and increase your target customer conversions, profits, and business revenue.

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