How to Create High Converting Landing Pages

A great brand website needs a responsive website with great designs to attract target customers to the website, engage them, and increase conversion chances.

However, this will be difficult if the website doesn’t have great landing pages.

In this article, we will talk about how to create amazing landing pages that convert leads into customers.

What is a landing page?

To start with let’s define what a landing page is. Simply put this is a website page that’s created for marketing purposes to attract leads and convert them into customers for a brand.

Importance of landing pages

Improve brand awareness

Many brands miss the opportunity to close sales from target customers because those customers don’t know about them.

Great landing pages can help increase brand awareness to your business website, let them know what you offer and how it can help them, and later convert them into customers.

Lead prospects to take action

The main purpose of the landing page is to persuade them and get them to take action with your brand.

The best landing pages help brands win their target customer trust, and lead them to take action that can lead to sales.

These actions include downloading ebooks, signing up for a free trial, joining a webinar, etc.

Help generate leads

Your website landing pages are the best lead generation machines for your brand.

Research by MarketingCharts shows that 57% of marketers struggle with finding the right leads to engage.

So you don’t want to lose target customers who land on your website through your landing pages.

You need to have great pages with the right message to engage the target customers, show them more about your brand, and increase conversion chances.

Your website landing pages can help you attract these target customers to your business, nurture them, and later convert them into customers.

Help promote your products or services

Most target customers reach your website but don’t know how to use your products or services or how they can help them in solving their challenges.

Brands use landing pages to explain more about their products or services. They guide target customers on how to use their products and the business proposition value.

This makes it easy for target customers to see the value of your brand products or services and convert to customers for your brand.

Increase SEO rankings

You have done your market research and know your customers better. You know their pain points and the keywords that use to search for answers to their challenges.

With the help of landing pages, you create an optimized copy with the right keywords your target customers use.

Based on research by the content marketing institute, 78% of marketers consider keywords when creating their content.

the use of keywords on landing pages of websites

Ensure you use the keywords that your customers use when searching for solutions to their problems.

This helps your website rank high in the search engines and draws more traffic to your business.

Also considering other SEO ranking elements like great links, readable copy, and great visuals you can easily rank high on the search engines for the keyword terms for your brand marketing.

Simplify the buying process

Some of your target customers have challenges but they aren’t aware they have them.

Your prospective customers visit your website when they are at different buyer stages.

Your landing pages play a great role in simplifying the buying process of your target customer, they educate you about your pains and how the brand products can help solve them.

This makes it easy for target customers to understand your business and narrow down their decision-making process on whether to use your products or not.

Help grow your email list

Email marketing still stands as a great marketing technique for brands and has a very high ROI for brands.

The high success of email marketing campaigns needs an email list of qualified target customers.

When target customers reach your landing pages and they are not ready to buy immediately, they join the email list for brand updates.

Through email list nurturing, brands can win the trust of unwilling prospective customers and convert them.

Since your landing pages have lead magnets to help collect lead emails, it makes it easy to grow your email list for your email marketing campaigns.

Increase business conversions

Landing pages strategy is a great way to win target customers to use your business products and services.

When you explain the value of your brand products or services well and offer testimonials to prove their value you increase conversion chances.

Many target customers would like to try your business and solve their pains as others with similar problems have had a high success rate with your business.

Essentials of great landing pages

Now that you know the part your landing pages play in your brand marketing, here are some of the most important aspects of your landing pages.

Use attractive and responsive design

You may have an awesome brand but if your website design is not attractive you miss the chance to draw and engage leads to your business.

Many target customers are now using mobile devices to search for solutions to their problems and the brands that can offer them those solutions.

If they can’t access your landing pages through their mobile devices, you lose the chance to convert them.

It is important to ensure your landing page content can be easily accessed and read from these mobile devices.

Great headings and subheadings

Your landing page headlines act as a hook to your target customers. When creating headlines for your landing pages ensures they are attractive and catch the target customers’ attention.

You need to make sure your headline message is strong enough to hook the reader and keep them engaged with your landing page.

Use video content

Videos are most engaging and easy to interact with. For your landing pages, you can use video content to teach target customers about your services or products.

Outbrain brand uses great video content on their landing page to show target customers how they can draw traffic to their business websites.

including video content on landing pages of websites

It is easy to understand how brand services work when presented in a video format and can be a great way to convince target customers to use your business.

Use great CTA’s

You present your target customers with great information for your landing pages, include testimonials and other trust winning elements to help them convert, right?

Well, this conversion can’t be great if you are not using attracting and captivating call-to-action for your landing pages.

However, some marketers don’t have clear CTA’s to guide their target customers to take action. Research shows that only 63% of marketers have a clear CTA.

Use CTAs that are sure to convince and make the target customers take action after reading through your landing pages. Here is an example of the copyhackers landing page CTA.

Don’t bother target customers by asking too much from them in the first place will drive them away from your brand.

Faster loading speeds

Faster speeds are an integral part of any great business website. Target customers hate website pages that take years to load.

Slow loading speeds increase bounce rates to your website which can affect your lead conversion and sales.

Your website landing pages should have a faster loading speed to give target users the information they need in the shortest time.

This can increase lead engagement with your brand, learn more about it that you offer, and increase conversion rates.

Run a/b tests

You need landing pages that engage and convert, right? Well, the only way to know the right landing pages to use is by running a/b tests.

Compare different variables of your landing pages and collect data that can help you but avoid making these mistakes with your tests.

The data you collect includes engagement rates, conversions, and sales from the different landing pages.

Then use landing pages that have the most actions and drive high conversion and sales for your brand.

Include social proof/ customer testimonials

Customer testimonials are an awesome way to earn target customer’s trust with your brand like this ahrefs client testimonials.

great social prrof on ahrefs landing pages

Include the best testimonials from your past or current customers on your landing pages. See Kissmetrics example on their page.

They will help convince target customers that your offers are amazing and they have helped other people with similar challenges.

Use compelling copy

You need a sales copy on your landing page to guide and convince target customers to buy your product or services.

If your copy is not engaging the target leads will not feel convinced to buy from you and will just leave for your competitors.

You already know your prospective customer’s pain points. Then create a copy that speaks directly to them.

Let it show them how awesome your products or services are and how they will help you solve your challenges.

You can use lots of whitespaces, short sentences, including images, that will make the content easy to read and understand.

Include product/services pricing

When target customers read your copy and hear from other customers, they will more likely be convinced to use your business products.

The next step they need to know is how much these products or services will cost them. That’s why it is important to add your pricing structure for what your business offers.

They can easily know how much the products or services cost and make it easy to decide on using your business. Here is an example of Ahrefs pricing on their landing page.

Use short forms

You will need to collect customer information if they visit your website’s landing pages.

This information can help guide you to know more about your customers and help nurture them.

You need to have forms to collect this information. Use short forms to help you collect the information.

Target customers avoid long and complicate forms that ask too much of them.

Place important information above the fold

Your target goal for your landing pages is to hook leads to your copy, have them engage with your website, and lead them to take action that will lead to sales.

One great way to hook target customers is by placing information that matters to them above the fold. Here is an example of the AWeber landing page.

AWeber landing page with great information above the fold

At this place, they can easily see it when they arrive at your website pages, draw their curiosity, and engage them.

Use psychology of colors

Colors play a great part in your brand marketing. The right use of colors on your landing pages can help increase lead engagement and conversions.

how colors on landing pages can influence decision making on landing pages

Colors portray different meanings to target customers. You have already studied and understood your customers and have their buyer persona.

As you create your landing pages, you can use that information to help you use the right colors for your landing pages and entire website to draw those target customers.

Use live chat

Some target customers will have questions that they need answers to as they engage with your landing pages.

That’s why you need a live chat on your website to immediately handle those customer concerns

Super office research supports the effectiveness of live chat in your brand marketing.

the power of including live chat on landing pages

As a brand, you should be able to answer those questions and provide them with what they need.

It will help you engage with target customers and help them out where they are stuck along their buying cycle.

It’s also cheaper compared to making phone calls when dealing with your customers.


Landing pages serve well to draw and engage target customers to your brand and make them take action that can lead to sales and more profits for your business.

However, to get those high conventions and increased sales you need great landing pages.

Use the above tips to create such amazing landing pages for your brand marketing.

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